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I was lucky enough to take over another backers black cat edition. The unit arrived today and I began set up. The packaging is nice, and very well thought out which I appreciated. It almost made me not want to take it out it was so nice. great job on that guys.

After looking over the contents I charged up remote some and shortly after began set up. initial setup was very, easy. cat 6 to brain, to router, app, followed instructions. I expected the firmware update to happen first, but it didn't, which is fine that was just my expectation. After set up I added my devices. Found everything no problem. oled, anthem, oppo, uverse set top box, etc etc. Afterwards it performed the firmware update and I was done. Quick and painless.

Now being all set up I begin testing things out. First being various locations of the brain. The first location I want to put it allowed me to hit my display, avr, xbox one s, oppo. The set top box is positioned in such a way where the brain is on the other side of a recliner. From the initial videos showing the IR capabilities of the brain I didn't think this would be an issue. however not once did it hit the set top box. So the who behind the couch part of the video I saw awhile back didn't seem to be a thing for me. Not a big deal, though somewhat disappointing, because that was one of the features I saw that sold me on the device. On to location 2. on the entertainment center which is open in center, has doors on ends that are clear glass. 

I placed brain where my harmony hub is located (to the right of my center channel) after I scooted it off to the side. hit avr, tv, sometime set top box (which is just below brain in entertainment center. oppo, not the xbox one s (lower left space in entertainment center), I was not ever really able to get the set top box to function reliably. (ATT Uverse Motorola VIP2250) 

I moved the brain forward some more and I was able to hit all devices, though still hit and miss with VIP2250

During this testing is when I realized that switching between recipes, everything is left on. It appears it recognized that the device is already on, so when starting a new recipe it only turns on the new device and switches needed inputs. The issue that I find is that if I go from Oppo blu ray  device which I added, in set up to xbox it turns xbox on, but leaves oppo on. That's when it hit me. The UX flow during set up is just adding devices, not really creating a full recipe. What I mean my that is after set up the first time you launch the recipe it says one more thing to do and ask how you have it running. direct to tv or through AVR. This is when it maps the volume, mute, etc. This could have been done when you were adding avr with a simple do you use this to control volume on all recipes. yes. done map it for everything. When you create a recipe on your own you are presented with more options than in initial set up. Though even then it doesn't seem complete. Ex. I made a recipe for webOS for when I watch netflix through TV. added everything, but it didn't work. I have to go back in and edit it to show TV as the remote. Ideally the wizard should do all of this in one go.

There also doesn't appear to be a transition state. Where it recognizes whats on and in use. It should recognize what is no longer in use and send power off command when switching to new recipe. 

With a few quality of life changes this would be a forerunner. i'm not quite ready to retire my harmony elite because I need more time to get everything working as smoothly as possible with NEEO first and whatever I replace it with has to be easy transition for my wife. I'm not sure how she feels with the lack of physical buttons, but i'm sure she'll get used to it. Though things like a fix it, when things do not go on when they should would be huge. It's already better than the savant remote. NEEO found my Anthem and added all inputs where Savant missed many of them as well as doesn't control items like HUE unless you have pro license. The IR capabilities of NEEO is more impressive than savants IR base cradle, though the wireless IR blasters they have are very very handy.

Overall the remote is snappy, quick when navigating. It's light feels good in hand. The things I would like to see that I think would elevate it more are the following.

Web Interface for creating recipes. (We have a NEEO account, I assume it stores configuration, we should be able to access config online)

Cable and SAT Provider channel listings. Adding favorites was cumbersome. If a user can pick their provider and get a list of predefined channels they offer when they can just select I want this channel, this one this one etc as favorites it would be more user friendly.

Ability to customize what is default landing page on remote and what displays on it that would be great. Ex. for my Oppo I just need Eject, Play, Stop, and some audio options on AVR. 

A way to adjust delays in sending IR commands. Some devices it needs a slower repeater. I couldn't find a way to do that if there is one.

Some sort of help, repair, or fix it command. That resend same signals to devices, so that way it does not turn off something that should be one while turning off devices that should and turning on ones that should. For some users that may not be much of a problem, for wives, girlfriends, older parents, younger children it is almost a must.

Some guides, examples, instructions, tips. Anything that gives some instruction would be nice. I figured out how to add create recipes, etc, but for instances some of the things I mentioned may be settings or the way I created the recipe. No idea. nothing to tell me otherwise.


2 questions.

When in the app and viewing settings, if you select NEEO Remote you have an option. NEEO Link enable. What is that? What does it do?

When viewing devices in the app you have reset wiring. What is that?

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  • Sammie Prescott For the Power handling during transit, there is a open Voting over here:

    maybe you will drop your vote into it.

    The Webinterface Feature would be really nice, if it is managed and Supported in all devices ;-)


    The NEEO Link is the Interconnection from your Remote to the Brain directly. This is working via 6lowPan Protocoll and build a IPv6 Network between the remote and the Brain. Only used if both devices used in the same Room, the Remote decides witch way to use.

    Reset Wiring Resets the Recipe to the Initial State and you can reconfigure your Wiring When first launched the recipe!

  • I definitely voted for that. It is something that really should be included as all of the remotes I have used or tested perform this. Harmony, Savant, URC. So it is something that should be baked in regardless. 


    Thanks for the info I assumed that was the case with reset wiring just wanted verification prior to pushing buttons.  

    Whats odd about the NEEO Link is if you enable it the remote shouldn't decide it should take priority and send via that protocol regardless. 

    • Sammie Prescott If the Link is up and running, the remote uses it as highest priority. If no direct connection is available, the Remote uses the WiFi.

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    I could not agree more with your in depth review. I share the same feelings. Concerning recipes, I also noted unlike "devices" it does not give you the option to edit "when powered off"


    I wanted to set up a stream music recipe. I had Neeo turn on my AVR, TV, and set the input. Unfortunately the Neeo codes for inputs on my Pioneer LX801 are not correct. So I added an "input scroll" button to shortcuts as a work around. When I pressed the power off, AVR turned off but TV stayed on. How can we remedy this? 

    I do not see "when launched" and "powered off" options when i click on recipes i have created. The only options i see are Rename Edit and Delete. When Edit is clicked, no "powered off" options.

  • One way I was able to get around some of this is to edit the recipe for power off and power on. You can set it so that when it is powered off you can specify the device that powers off. It doesn't help on switching recipes but what it would allow you to do is power off that recipe and turn off one device before switching to another. Works the same way with power on also

  • If in blu ray recipe and switch to tv recipe, add power off command for blu ray player at end of tv recipe.

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  • Thanks a lot for the long and detailed feedback  Sammie Prescott . We love to see that you really went looking into details, many of your request is in the works, or at least in our minds already. We appreciate and read every feedback, we are convinced we can profit a lot from it.

    You are right, on the very first setup NEEO should guide you through the very first firmware update, we have that on our plans, I can not yet give you an estimate on when that is ready for testing. 

    I am very glad to hear that you were able to get through the basic setup without experiencing any issues or running into missing devices. If you ever find any, let us know.

    If you need further assistance with finding a location for your NEEO Brain, it would be nice if you could post some pictures of your setup, we'd be glad to assist. So far we have always managed to find a solution. Are you already using the IT extender that came with your package?

    When we are currently keeping different source devices on when switching in between recipes. We do this since many have very long to boot, so switching back would take forever. We are changing this in the future so that is user configurable by device.


    For the IR delay, can you describe that a bit more? Is that when turning on a TV, or when sending favorites? If you let us know the exact device we can sure fix that.

    • Patrick When I get a chance this weekend I'll take pictures of where I initially placed NEEO brain. As for the IR delay I can only think of a few ways to give an example. It would be more for inputs that are independent key presses on a remote such as channel buttons, but assigned to a favorite. 

      Think of it like keyboard ghosting. Or say you rolled your keys on a keyboard, 1234, if you do it too fast it is ghosted, and since the prior input is still being received/registered it sends the command but it isn't received, so it may skip a number. instead of 1234, you get 134, or any combination of the sequence. 

      So in the case of a delay you can configure 100's or 10ths of a second for that device only. so for everything else it's unaltered, but that one device sends codes at a slower tighter sequence.

  • "NEEO Link" is another protocol which allows the NEEO Remote to communicate with the NEEO Brain. You may go ahead and enable that, the NEEO Remote then chooses automatically in between WiFi and NEEO Link. So you shouldn't have a problem.

    "Reset wiring" makes you go through the wiring progress again, so for example when you exchange a device or and HDMI Input you want to use that.

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