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When using the recipe to turn off Tv and AppleTV something goes wrong. Everything turns off, but the AppleTV box always turn back on, and the light stay on forever. 

Anyone else having this issue? 

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  • Yeah I have this too, I assumed it was a limitation of the IR driver third parties have access to.

    One way around it I guess would be to change the command to the equivalent of holding down the TV button a few seconds then pressing OK to simulate how the official remote does it? - Of course I don't think we can programme that ourselves.

    N.B. - Using the Apple TV 4k here.

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  • The AppleTV can’t actually be turned off, only put to sleep which there is no discrete IR command for. What the turn off command from Neeo actually does (I think) is the long-press menu command which sends it back to main menu to ensure any playback sessions or apps are exited!

  • So, there is no way to use Neeo to put it in sleep mode then? 

  • with the original apple-tv remote there is a way to put the apple-tv in the sleep mode.

    why it is not possible to copy it for the neeo-remote? i don't understand this fact.

  • If i turn off only the tv with Neeo remote when AppleTV is still on, it also put the AppleTV in sleep mode. This is when the recipe only have "send power off to tv" in it. 

    Strange 🤔

    • Alf Egil Soma that will be due to you allowing CEC devices to automatically turn off when the TV does.

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