Who has got Fire TV working reliably?

Just curious, how many folks out there has got the Neeo working with their FireTV (and what version - v1/v2? FireStick?) reliably (i.e. more than a few weeks) with the 'understandbly' Beta firmware?


My Fire TV Status:

- I had it working for maybe 3+ weeks using the old version of the firmware pretty well, then it eventually just stopped working, even after restarts, and resets.  Most of the time, I'd see delays in commands, like they were backlogged.  Some restarts would help.  Left it unused for a month or so. Most recently, when I installed the latest version of the firmware, it worked again, and I was quite hopeful. Then a few weeks later, stopped working again.  I have rebooted, reset settings, re-installed devices, and no luck.  It's just been too much effort to try and keep it working at the moment.


Additional thoughts/rant:

Although, the FireTV beta support has been only out for a bit more than 2 months (I'm being nice about not taking into account the year+ since Kickstarter), from a different perspective, I would like to ask, how long does it really take to just add support for one damn device?  One that is already supported by Harmony and one that I would arguably say has more users than SONOS devices (prioritization?).

The more I think about it, the more I feel like choosing HDMI-CEC was the wrong choice.  HDMI-CEC sounds like a cool technology but there are just too many factors involved to get it working reliably.  Proper cables? Device support? And who knows what might happen when you got 5+ HDMI-CEC devices all connected to the hub and one of the devices decides to not act properly.  Things can get out of control and it might not even be Neeo's fault.  So, choosing this technology (over IR, Bluetooth) for supporting some of the major devices out there was a huge risk.  To take this long to get a reliable not-Beta FireTV driver out, I can't help but think that the Neeo team is facing more fundamental issues with using HDMI-CEC behind the scenes.  Maybe, time to pivot and just stick with what's tried and tested?

Finally, I'm sure I've seen this asked a few times before in the forums, but why isn't there a 'Restart brain' function in the app?  Yes, I get that we shouldn't need to do that to get things working, but that would only be the case inside an ideal perfect world where the software is bug free, which isn't the case here.

Anyways, still squeezing in my last bit of support for the Neeo after all these years, but it's soon going to be trumped by my significant other's (un)happiness.

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    • Jeff@NEEO
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    • Jeff
    • 11 mths ago
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    Hi  Jeff L Thank you for taking your time to post this. When you say that your FireTv stopped working, do you mean that it completely stopped controlling it? Does this happen after the FireTv goes to sleep or does it stop working while you're in the middle of using it? 

    Also, when you say restarts and resets, is this to the FireTv or are you referring to the NEEO Brain?

    Just to clarify some points you made as well: We just started Amazon FireTv support when it was announced two months ago. It's not something that we have been working on since NEEOs inception. There is no specific timeframe as to how long any device takes to build into our ecosystem. Some can take months, others can take less or more. As we continue to improve NEEOs over functionality, you will see better and better results. Faster results as we continue to grow too :).


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  • I had an issue with FireTv about a week ago with command delays after I did some work on my NEEO. As Jeff said, I needed to restart the actual FireTV to correct the issue. A restart from the settings -> device menu on the FireTV fixed it.  Since we have the FireTV set to never go to sleep, an occasional restart is helpful.

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  • Having exactly the same issue - performance degrades over the course of a few days/weeks, commands to the Fire TV become delayed or intermittently aren’t transmitted at all. Restarting Neeo doesn’t help, but I also haven’t had any luck with Fire TV restarts.


    It’s a shame, because it worked perfectly at first!

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  • I just don't get my fire TV truned on, no matter what I do with NEEO, always need the original remote, everything else seems to work fine.

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  • Same situation here. I worked around through CEC. My Philips TV and the Fire TV have CEC. So I only switch the input of my TV and control the TV through Neeo. The TV sends the commands to the Fire TV.

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  • Sven Wiese-Solty I use HDMI CEC as well, but still no luck to turn my Fire TV on. Donj't know how to work arround this issue...

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    • 2712  Yes, you're right! I also have sometimes this problem. I try to help myself by first trying to hit the FireTV button once again. If this don't help I have to switch to another source and then back to FireTV... Not nice, not WAF save, but I love this tiny metal thing...

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  • Sven Wiese-Solty 2712 Hey guys :). So aside from the power functions on the FireTv. Everything else works with the FireTv recipes?

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  • Jeff not tested everything yet (as the original fire remote needs to be on the table for turning on :(), but the Buttons aren't really built nice as well: e.g. Play/Pause should be one button, therefor you would have space for a decent "optios button" (as on the original fire tv controle), Otherwise badly waiting for the bluetooth Driver (CEC is not really a good workarround). For me, "power on" never works on the fire TV, CEC only turned on on the fire TV, not on  AVR, TV, or satellite Receiver.

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  • Jeff my usecase is more less working. But most of it through CEC. So my scenario is not the default one. My tests with the original recipe are a while ago... 

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  • Jeff , tried 3 different recepies for fire tv (self made, fliRC, and now the one with CEC), With all of them AVR Switches to the correct input. With my Panasonic TV I do sometimes have the Problem with turning on / off when switching between recepies (tv, fire tv, bluray or turning off everything) but that is a common Problem of all recepies with the NEEO, not only the fire tv recepies. Parallel Setup with harmony elite works without Problems (with all devices). As stated before: the CEC Option is only turned on on my fire TV, not on the AVR, satellite Receiver, Bluray player or the TV itself. 

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