The future of NEEO: supported languages

Will NEEO be translated into different languages (as far as I know it is English only) in the near future? (Website, app, configuration of brain, use of remote)

If yes, would it be possible to communicate about the advancements of that? Is it still just an idea or are you already in translation process?


Is NEEO open for some community-based translations?

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  • As Far as Patrick and Raphael metioned this will come. But it has a low priority at the moment.

    I was asking if they willed to let the community do, but i don't remeber, if the Brain was able to catch this. I have other Software in mind witch only use a seperate file named the language of the translation and then be added via a config folder. This would make the translation fast and possible for everyone and takes no load on the team.

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      • Neeo Newbie
      • Harmony can do all this -- but Neeo looks cooler eventually
      • Neeo_Newbie
      • 1 yr ago
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      Markus Mahr You think like any language standard on i8n ?

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    • Neeo Newbie Yes

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  • I honestly have to check on the current progress for this with the team. We have a meeting tomorrow, I will try to gather more information there.

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    • Patrick Thank you for asking. If NEEO is investigating Community based translations I will be more than happy to contribute translating the UI into dutch and french. 

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      • Patrick@NEEO
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      • Patrick
      • 1 yr ago
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      Pierre-Alexandre Thanks a lot for the offer 👍

      As far as I know but now, further changes on the software will be needed until we can get started on this. Once that is ready, I will come back on your offers. This is not on a very high priority yet, therefore this is not going to be ready in one of the very next releases.

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  • Any progess yet? It’s been a year now..

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