Wingo TV controls missing

Wingo TV for switzerland is within you database, but there are plenty of controls missing.

There are no controls for Cursor Right, Left, Up, Down or Cursor OK.

This means, I cannot use Neeo to move around in TV guid on Wingo TV.

Could please add those controls as soon as possible?

Or is there another way to solve this?

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  • René Zimmermann can you browse through channels with hard buttons? Except for powering on my Wingo TV box, I can't remember there's any other function working properly.

    • Patrick Borner No, doesn‘t work too. Only power, and the Menu button is working unfortunately.

  • I have a similar issue with apple tv. I am using the teleboy app on the apple tv and cannot use the physical buttons to switch the channels. Are there any plans to support app specific controls?

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    • Philipp Anderhub i have the same issue with the teleboy app on my apple tv. is neeo already working on a solution?

    • Michi Ineichen Patrick Borner Same on my side with the fresh new Salt TV app on ATV4 (it is using Zattoo in Switzerland). The physical channel buttons are not connected to channel switch. I do not have any solution to control channels with NEEO currently. Is there a solution?

    • Antoine Vuille unfortunately it still doesn't work with teleboy

    • Patrick Hello, it seems some comments disappears from this thread... Anyway, is there any chance we can get this control issue settled anytime soon? How could I support to have this done as soon as possible? 

      • Andy
      • Andy
      • 1 yr ago
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      Antoine Vuille 

      Please excuse our very late response!

      This should already be fixed. The missing commands for the Wingo Box where added months ago. On which version is the device data?

      If you are referring to the Apple TV/Teleboy app issue - this cannot be fixed quickly. We are currently controlling the ATV4 via IR only - which doesn't contain the correct cursor commands for controlling these apps.

    • Andy Indeed, I'm referring to the Apple TV/Teleboy app issue. Then, I'll keep my finger crossed for an update.

  • i have the same Problem with the Arris 1113. i cant change the channels and either start the guide and move there arround. With my logitech it is working fine.

    I guess i have top put the Arris on the receipe power on and the remote shoud work with it. Changing channels ....

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