Remote integration suggestion: Control desktop music apps (non-Kodi) over wifi

Would love to be able to control a desktop music player over wifi with the NEEO.  Haven't seen too many but there are a couple of Android remote control apps for WinAMP (grand (llama) daddy of Windows music players), AIMP and Clementine.

Is anyone out there working on anything like this?


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  • Bernard Cooper You can use forward actions in NEEO to send data to a PC with Eventghost . Eventghost can control Foobar or MediaMonkey

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    • Bernard Cooper
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    • Bernard_Cooper
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Fonzo  Thanks for the heads up.  A quick google shows there are WinAMP and AIMP plugins for it as well.  Will need to have a play over the weekend.

    Ultimate dream would be for something like Niels is doing with his KODI work and use NEEO's Sonos UI.

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