Powerstate sensor - only ON is working

Hello everybody!

When I add a device with a powerstate sensor in the Neeo, I can use this sensor to set the device to ACTIVE and it is displayed as "switched on" at the top of the Neeo. But unfortunately, switching the device "optically" OFF/INACTIVE, via powerstate sensor, is not possible/won`t work!

Of course I also want to be able to send the powerstate OFF to the Neeo and then the device should disappear from the list of active devices at the top of the screen - not only switch a device on via powerstate sensor. That's only half the rent. 

It would be great if you guys could fix this soon.

Thanks in advance and kind regards,

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  • Nothing changed, only re-added device some times while testing - now powerstate is working on and off. Problem gone  :)


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