Philips 65PUS8601 IR command missing

Manufacturer:                      Philips

Model Name:                      65PUS8601
Device Type:                       TV

Device Data Version:          8

Firmware Version (Brain):    0.50.6

I'm missing the command for Recordings. Right now I cannot create a shortcut to go directly to the recordings

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  • Hi,  Sven Wiese-Solty. Thank you for your further feedback regarding your Philips TV. So, do I understand correctly that the shortcut button RECORD doesn't lead you to Recordings? Does the button or the widget RECORD work anyway? 

    • Ingrid The Philips TV has different sources. They are all mixed up. There are hardware input chanels like HDMI inputs, etc. and some software driven channels. One is the recordings channel. It's a starting point for watch recorded TV content. But there a more software driven chanels like: YouTube, Zattoo (if installed). 
      Because I used Harmony before I tested a lot of use cases and know that there is IR command for recordings. Right now I can not test record, but I think it did nothing. But I will double check, when I'am at home.

    • Sven Wiese-Solty We would appreciate if you could check this command at home and give us feedback. Please try both (widget RECORD and button RECORD). Let me know if it's not working at all. Then I'll forward it to the team to check the commands. Thank you. 

    • Ingrid Record button is working as expected. It records the current channel. I will try Dave's tip later this day.

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    • Ingrid Record button and Record widget doing the same. My recordings is not available.

  • Try the shortcut named "my recordings".

    • Dave H My recordings is not available in the list.

    • Sven Wiese-Solty I have attached what I think is the manual for your TV and remote.  If this is correct, you can tell team neeo which button it is on the original remote, and they should be able to add it.  Hope this helps.

    • Dave H Thx for your answer. Recordings are not reachable through a direct button. But there discrete ir commands for it. I have also a Logitech Harmony and they have discrete ir commands in their database. Till now I can't find a doc where all these commands are listet, because Philips close their support forum. I will search for it and post it here...

      • Andy
      • Andy
      • 4 yrs ago
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      Sven Wiese-Solty 

      We have checked all our sources. Only one such command is available. But even on your original remote, there is no such button. How did you enter the recordings with the original remote or the Harmony -  as there is no discrete command for this? Let me know, that would help a lot! We may be able to create a macro.
      Regarding the one command that is available - it's for a much older model, but you can test it anyway. Here's a Live IR Test.

      The Live IR Test works the following way:

      1. Navigate to the Settings Menu in your NEEO app.
      2. Navigate to NEEO Brain.
      3. Click on "Live IR Test".
      4. Enter into the text field the following code: TAnEG4zFjh
      5. Test the commands

      Thanks for testing!

    • Andy I investigated my Harmony settings a little bit and found out that I programmed a macro. Sorry for the disorientation: I just forgot this... Nevertheless  I will search for the document I have in mind and will post or send it then. I remember more commands than listed. The main problem at that time was that Android TV resorted the input list for comfort. But this contra productive for automation...

    • Hi, Sven Wiese-Solty. I'd like to follow up if you were able to find this document you mentioned above. Thanks. 

    • Ingrid Philips closed their forums. So I tried to get it from . But had no luck so far, but I#m on it. Thx for follow up!

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