Channel logo request -- spacer tile

Andy Please add a blank (all black) logo. So we can assign whatever channel and use it as a Spacer Tile in the Favorites page. Thanks!

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  • Bill Kaczmarek
    I've now added a fully blank logo (not black, transparent). It's called "Spacer" and will appear around 7PM CET (reboot may be necessary). For the black one to attach to any channel, I'll check if I'm allowed to offer a more beautiful logo that e.g. shows the TV from the device category "TV". I think that would me much more smooth than just black. Otherwise, I'll upload an all black logo.

    • Andy Thanks Andy.  Maybe both the black and the *TV*?  e.g. maybe named Spacer1 and Spacer2.

      I envision a row of three blacks, then a row with blank / title / blank.  To visually separate sections of favorites.

      It sounds like by *TV* you mean the sketch of the TV.  That might be good. But definitely need the blank spacer be able to separate the groups.

      As a "title" I'd set up the 'custom channel' using a label written in, and use it with a blank tile on either side of it.  So the transparent/ blank would be very helpful visually.


  • SPACER (black) läuft. Thx.

    • Johann Aschberger For me, definitely useful.  Just using them more judiciously than originally planned, as they are such a big share of the screen.

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