Remote only half functional

Hi there,

I encountered a really strange problem with my remote: no keys are functional in a receipe. I can start a action (like watching TV or whatever) and the signal is transmitted and works. But within the receipe, nothing (no hard or softkeys) work - exept power off the receipe. I can press as many buttons as I want and nothing happens.

But the strange thing is that the app on our phones works without any problems.

This thing happens from one day to the other without changing anything.


I tried to restart the remote and the brain. I also reconnected (Power + Back key) the remote twice to the brain, but it did not help. I also used a backup from the brain, but it changed nothing.

I'm not sure what the next steps should be. I don't want to configure everything again.


It is really annoying that the software is so bad that something like that happens and that there is no future developement ... hopefully this problem can be fixed fast.

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