It's there a way to open a menu?

Jeff  I've customized the text and it is night and day better appearance now! Thanks for the latest release! Now for my issue...

I have one issue, namely that I need to open the menu screen (ie control pages for a recipe) for several reasons.  Is there a way to do it without re-running the recipe?  Maybe a long hold on the recipe icon - to open the controls without re-running the recipe?  That would be very useful.

Situations where I need it are (1) if the recipe is triggered on the app, then the controls don't appear on the remote (or the controls for the wrong recipe appear, one using the same underlying device, appear instead. Yes, as we discussed a long time ago, I have two distinct recipes based off the same device).  (2) if the controls menu disappear from the remote, as sometimes happens.  Often the pages disappear and Now Playing is blank.  This might be for instance when I have TV as now playing, then go the the recipe for a Light, then come back and the remote no longer shows the menu/control pages. (3) other.

The problem with re-running the recipe while the device is playing is that it disrupts the viewing, e.g. stopping playback and taking it back to the start, etc.

Is there any way for me to get around this? Or would I need a new release?   (Hopefully NEEO gets a new life somehow!)


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  • Hi  Bill Kaczmarek I see the benefit of this and this is something that is not supported. Why not just add the shortcuts for the devices you want to control? This would be the only way around what you are asking unless I am misunderstanding. 

    • Jeff  instead, can I use a dummy device for the TV? Unfortunately I don't see one listed though. Any suggestions?

      As to your suggestion that I "add the shortcuts for the devices" to all my other devices/recipes isn't a good solution.  Instead I could set up a dummy device for the TV if one were available.  (I was using the same device for both recipes so that SMART DELAY would work, but that no longer seems worthwhile.)

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      Bill Kaczmarek I am a bit confused. You mentioned you want to have the "Show controls." You called it control pages for a recipe. You cannot add multiple control pages "Show controls" in one recipe for different devices. 

      Please let me know if this is what you are trying to accomplish. If so, adding a dummy device is not going to do anything as you can only add one "Show controls" per recipe. 

    • Jeff Sorry to have not been clear -- I don't always know the correct terms to use.    Here's an update, along with a request.  Your suggestion was better!


      Background:  I have one physical device [Panasonic TC-P42G25]   Until now I had had two "logical devices"  aka Recipes, both using the same physical device.  [one for webTV and one for OTA TV]

      Update:  You suggested combining and putting both the webTV and the OTA-TV onto the same recipe.  Did it. Here's what I found.   Results are better.  Just have a couple of small requests for the device settings. See below.

      Results:   With both webTV and OTA TV in the same Recipe:

      + no longer have the issues with the wrong NOW PLAYING appearing, along with the wrong, or no, shortcuts appearing, etc

      - volume is no longer equalized - now, when switching between the two, webTV is much louder than OTA TV.  (Panasonic told me there is no way to adjust it on the TV itself.)  Advantage of using separate recipes for OTA TV and webTV had been that NEEO would balance the loudness.  Not a huge deal though.

      - using separate recipes, the recipe had been able to open the webTV viewing pane automatically, which isn't possible with only a single, combined recipe.  Not a huge deal though.

      - 'Smart Timer' had been included in the two, separate recipes, but didn't work/ wasn't useful in any case -- so no big deal.

      + Now that Shortcuts are customizable and able to be grouped together, the single recipe is fine, with shortcuts grouped logically onto separate pages, and able to avoid clutter. 

      Request:    the following would be very helpful and the important ones seem easy for Andy to do.

      Andy  please adjust the physical buttons on the device [Panasonic TC-P42G25] as follows:

      1- make the MENU button trigger 'VieraCast'   (the current setting triggers an arcane TV menu which is very seldom needed, and so is much less appropriate for the physical button)

      2- add to the buttons CHANNEL UP / CHANNEL DOWN the preceeding command, "EXIT"  .  By making it run "Exit > Channel Up" (rather than the current "Channel Up")  will mean that the buttons will be usable even when in webTV mode.  The User will thus be able to click the button and it will dependably jump to a channel.  (Currently, when in webTV mode, those buttons do nothing.)  


      This may not be as easy, but would be an improvement if doable.  For the shortcuts:

      3- fix the Favorite Channels listings.  Like in #2 above, these work only if you are in OTA TV mode, but do nothing if you are in webTV mode.  I suspect the easy fix is to precede them with "Exit", so that you first exit webTV mode and then the favorites shortcuts would presumably work consistently.


      This is a general suggestion.  I know you aren't doing more firmware, so maybe this isn't possible.  But it would be helpful if the shortcuts had visible labels and also if they could span the screen of the Remote:

      4- allow visible labels to be added.   As is, you can "rename" a SPACER and the name appears on the app only, not on the Remote.    Better would be to offer the option to rename a SPACER such that the name/text appeared on the Remote too.  (Perhaps distinguish the two versions by calling them SPACERS and LABELS - ie for "text appears only on the app only" versus "text also appears on the Remote")         Further, since some labels would be longer and would need to span the screen on the Remote, maybe add a SPACER WIDGET that was three-single-spacers wide.  Then the user could rename it with longer labels,  e.g. AUDIO SHORTCUTS or WebTV SHORTCUTS etc.   to make headers that appear on the Remote, with the aim being to make the shortcuts more user friendly e.g. for a first time user.



  • How did you customize the text?

    cant find such a menu...


    • Daniel Jordi run a Recipe on the app > Edit Shortcut > for each Shortcut RENAME

      There isn't much space as there is no word wrap, and the typeface is tiny, but the screens are so much better now!  You'll notice that the second line disappears - it no longer displays the related device name which was clutter and confusing.  MUCH BETTER!

  • Jeff said:
    Why not just add the shortcuts for the devices you want to control?

       Sorry, maybe your suggestion was that I combine all the shortcuts into a single recipe/device?  I'll give it a try, now, with the better customization options, the shortcuts should be possible to better arrange.  The split I have is however also because Audio Levels differ -so I evened out the volume between TV and WebTV by splitting it into two recipes/devices.

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