NEEO Release 0.53.9

NEEO customers reported a bug with the Philips Hue integration. This bug resulted in customers not being able to control their Hue lights as well as not being able to re-add the Hue Bridge. We have fixed this bug with version 0.53.9.

Release Notes:

  • Fixed Philips Hue bridge discovery

Your NEEO Brain will offer this release within the next few hours, check your NEEO app to update. The update process did not change.

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  • Additional info: Thanks to everyone who helped test this fix! If I have assigned you to the test group, your account now is back on the "release" group.

  • My Neeo remote offered me the update today. Is the Hue fix the only thing adressed since 0.53.8? I am not sure if I should update, since I do not own Philips Hue lights or hub.

    • Oliver Fässler yes, the Hue fix is the only change. If you don't have a Hue, updating doesn't really provide you any benefits.

    • Michael Kohler well, i’d probably update just to get rid if the red question mark ... 

      more importantly, I received a new set top box from my cable provider and unfortunately it is not in the database, can you ask the team to add Technicolor UIW4020PXM?

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      • Rage
      • 11 mths ago
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      Geert Van Der Linden jumping on this comment as I have sent an email about adding the new Xbox Series X but haven’t had a reply yet so please add this to the list after the Technicolor UIW4020PXM please? 

  • Speaking of adding new products.. I would love if NEEO could add the sonos arc as well. Thank you

  • My Neeo did not find the updated firmware. Going in the Firmware update section in the app says that ther is no newe version then 0.53.8.....

    But now, a bit later without me doing anything in the client, brain LED is flashing red! And the app can't reach the brain anymore. What does the red LED indicate? Anything I can do?