Best NEEO Replacement Solution

Just wanted to see what everyone is planning for their NEEO replacement.


I currently have NEEO connected to Hubitat and that is somewhat useful, but I'm afraid it might be shut down when NEEO dies.

I also use Caavo as my main control for my TV setup. It isn't as Home Automation focused as NEEO, and is more of a universal remote than a smart home system, but then again NEEO never really became more than that anyway. Caavo recently added some useful integration for Sonos and IFTTT. It also allows for notifications on the TV itself, which is something NEEO never could do. 


Caavo has been great so far and I (and my wife) like how simple the remote is compared to NEEO with its multiple screens to accomplish one action. It works great with HDMI-CEC, and has Bluetooth control of Apple TV and Nvidia Shield TV. It also has a phone app that is great for making favorites of shows/movies to watch later and has universal voice search across most devices plugged into it. 


Did everyone else go back to Harmony, or do you have other solutions?

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  • I am currently using my NEEO with openHAB2 for my lights, blinds, fan, thermostat, etc. I have been following the Yio remote - not hardware that does what NEEO does - but with a community willing to create integrations for it I think it will be an interesting experiment. My needs and expectations will be different from other current NEEO users in that it will be for my use only, and I enjoy the opportunity to learn from the process, as I did with NEEO and openHAB2.

  • I use my NEEO remote in combination with a SymBox neo and Harmony Hubs, and an AIO Gateway. The Harmony Hubs and other devices are controlled from NEEO via IPSymconNEEO. FireTV and Nvidia Shield are controlled via Bluetooth from the NEEO via Harmony Hub. Playstation 4 is controlled via network from the SymBox neo, the NEEO is only sending the commands to the SymBox neo. The NEEO itself is controlled via HomeKit for IP-Symcon, the Alexa Skill and Google Home and the SymBox neo. As another remote interface for the NEEO brain I use a smartphone with a remote interface created by NEO, the commands are sent from NEO via IP Symcon to the NEEO brian. 

  • I'd say it all comes down to how tired you are of getting burned as an early adopter. Personally I'm not going down this road again. Plus I've waited many months for a solution NEEO never delivered. I don't want to run the risk again, and I don't want to wait on another new technology to mature.

    I plan on keeping my NEEO going for as long as I possibly can, by any means necessary. But when it's time to move on, I will choose something with a proven track record, a viable future and a large existing user base.

    For the moment (and the immediate future) that will likely mean Harmony.

    The only thing I can say for certain is that it will definitely not be any product from Control4 or its relatives.