Add custom values to JSON of the "Forward Actions" feature or create a "Generic Device" for API Communication to other systems


I am looking for a nice way to enrich the json being sent to the web hook I have set up for the "Forward Actions".

Currently I am able to sent information to my home automation system (Symcon) like action=launch, recipe=tv

This way I can catch the event behind the web hook and do something like turn on Homematic lights, reduce the temperature ...

Now I would also like to make more use of it. I have created a dummy device hoping to use it for sending just data to the web hook but to no avail. So I added a device which I definitely do not have in my setup just to use some "unique" action parameters being sent to the web hook. This way I was able to for example send a remote command "ANGLE", add it to the shortcuts of my TV recipe, catch it in my automation system and map it to a action like "Turn off power of Home Office".

My problem here is that I consider it rather a workaround as I have to add a device I do not own, it has not really "unique" values to send and in the shortcuts, I cannot edit the titles so it says "ANGLE" although I would like to call it "Home Office Off"

So what would be cool:

  1. A "Generic API" device where one could define the name, button titles, action values
  2. or the possibility to edit the shortcut titles as with the combination of the editited device name and the action name, it might be more unique.

I hope my explanation is somehow clear :)

Is there already another way to approach this which I haven't seen? 

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  • It would be really useful to have a generic HTTP device that we can add and customize within the brain, without the need of the SDK. Even a simple mapping to add: Buttons => HTTP Call.

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