Spotify input lag , screen flicker, touch input broken

Sometimes when I start Sonos recipe the start screen and the following screens are unresponsive and flickering.

All menu entries and the logos are there but when I try to touch them there is no response besides a flicker of the screen.

once I refresh the screen with a pull down swipe gesture the menu becomes responsive and I can navigate to the sub menu screen.

In the sub menu the issue is exactly the same with the same workaround.

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  • Daniel Sütel ,


    I have the same problem and when i restart the remote the screen is extremly flickering. Patrick , Ingrid , is this a bug or what can we do?

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  • Daniel Sütel Tolga Aydogan I'm sorry for my late response. There is a known issue with 0.51.13 which appears in a short flickering. If this persists would you mind sharing a video of this behavior? 


    In some rare occasions, a few UI elements on the NEEO Remote are loaded twice. This can appear as a short flickering on the display. Our developer team already has a fix in the works so this one should be resolved in the next release.

    Have you already tried performing recovery on the NEEO remote? 

    1. Hold the power button on the NEEO Remote for 15 seconds 

    2. Wait a few seconds 

    3. Press the power & mute button simultaneously for a few seconds 

    4. You should see the option for recovery, follow the on-screen steps

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    • Ingrid well I did perform a rebuild once to fix another issue, this didn’t change the flickering issue.

      It is encouraging to hear that the dev team has potentially fixed the flickering and it will find its way into the next firmware.

      Let me make a comment on this :

      I do understand that there are , mainly technical, dependencies that may prevent roll out of fixes separate from general firmware updates.

       I strongly suggest that NEEO think about the alternative to split fixes from general fw updates (features).

      the current vibe I see in the community is „not so happy“ and this is mainly because of three reasons :

      a) number of bugs 

      b) promised but overdue features 

      c) unclear detail of roadmap (especially after NEEO pro announcement)

      it doesn’t make anybody happy to hear „hey we have a fix but we don’t give it to you before the next FW update which we will not tell when it will be released“

      just my two cents 

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