Fire TV does not show as active recipe

After executing the Fire TV recipe, the Fire TV does not show as an active Recipe and I need to execute the recipe again to get to the Fire TV controls.

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  • Hi, Paul Spee. Thanks for reporting this as well. Did this happen the first time? Did you have this experience with your NEEO remote or with your NEEO app?  Could you please post a screenshot of your Fire TV recipe? There is also an interesting report about a CEC Input lag over here. I will check if this is reproducible. 

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    • Ingrid 

      The Fire TV is not a device I use that often and it is the first time since I upgraded to 0.51.13.

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    • Paul Spee Thank you very much for all the information! I will check this and come back to you as soon as possible. 

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  • I have the same Problem. Sometimes i saw the active recept, but mostly not. Starting the firetv recept again after several minutes doesnt help.  Some information about my Power Configuration. The firetv stick gets powered on, if my tv starts.

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    • Hi, Dennis Engel. I'm very sorry that I missed your post. Could you please check if CEC is enabled or disabled on your TV. Can you tell me a little bit more about your setup? Is your Fire TV stick wired with your TV or with an AVR? Please also check that the HDMI CEC cable is not loose, which is plugged into your NEEO Brain. 

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    • Ingrid  
      Yes, CEC is enabled. I am able to control my FireTV Stick, via the NEEO Remote. NEEO turn on my TV, turn on the FireTV,  switches the Input and Show the Controls. To control the FireTV is working. But if i go to the Main Screen the FireTV doesn't show as active Recipe.  I had to press the Recipe for the FireTV Stick again to get the Controls.  
      My configuration:
      FireTV -> TV -> AVR Receiver -> NeeoBrain 
      I have got the same problem if the AV Receiver is on or is off.  

      Newest Problem was: I've got double Clicks on my Neeo, if i press right, i have got two right Clicks on the FireTV.   My general Workaround for all these Problems: I create a second TV Device, configure this Recipe to turn on the TV, switch the Input and i reduce the Controldisplay to a minimal FireTV like Buttonset..... it's really not cool, but work much better then the original FireTV-Device

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