happy Birthday !

this week it will be 1 year that I bought Neeo remote control and it's been 1 year that it serves as a decorative object using electricity for nothing!
the use I wanted to do with this remote is simple but even that it can not do it. 
Let me explain: in a home-cinema environment I would just like to switch on, switch off, switch sources and volume control.
I can do it ! but when I see the icons for the Emotiva XMC-1 processor they are ugly, we can not rename them and we can classify them for easy access.
Frankly install Emotiva xmc-1 and look it is not really wanted!
So Neeo is everything: Ikea, Nvidia, and, and, and I do not have it at home so what's the use for me ? 
while I ask not much of this remote control what's the use of having a screen quality superior to an Iphone if the icons are in monochrome ???
What is sorely lacking is the learning function which is the basis for a remote control because I have 3 devices in IR that are unknown by your server.
there is a remote control 5 € that we fontion!
At each update I look forward to seeing the new feature! and every time it's great disappointment and do not understand why you do not develop the basic function that everyone expects.
Fortunately I was able to buy it on ebay at 50% of its price otherwise I will have sent it back to you.
Commercially gives you the impression that you are looking to sink because what will be urgent as the international language, customization and learning function would make you enjoy 50% more sales!
Sorry to be a little raw but I like this remote is it will be a pity she goes to the trash because it does not serve me!
In the meantime I continue with Harmony no choice
Sorry for the translation and spelling.
Alain (France)

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  • You can rename your device recipes just fine, they are bound to the device and thus adopt the device name. Just rename the device and your recipe will be renamed as well.

    if you’re missing Ir codes then just name the ones you’re missing and usually within a day the driver team have them added for you. Just open a post for that.

    An icon changing feature is something that is requested a lot so who knows but definitely not a reason to not use the NEEO. Also you can show any available icon you like for your recipes with a simple workaround using dummy device types.

    could you explain what’s your point by asking why features/devices are added that your not interested in? Because it’s a really weird remark. I can’t imagine that you meant to say it’s bad that there is a solution for those that do have these devices.

    best is to be more specific in why you are unable to use your NEEO. It’s kinda vague why you think you’re unable to use it, the way I see it all you mentioned is already possible. Best is to specify with concrete examples what you’re missing and what doesn’t work for you.

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  • Salut,


    I have already wanted someone from the Staff Neeo to answer me without wanting to offend you Niels de Klerk!

    I have an air conditioner, an air purifier and the control of my projection screen all in IR which its unknown at Neeo! that's why I'm asking for the learning function! it's 3 remotes on my coffee table with Neeo: 4

     I use Emotiva xmc-1 and a Denon I wish I could make an entry with orders FROM 2 devices AND POWER CUSTOMIZE AND RENAME ICONS ACCORDING TO MY NEEDS! I think it's not much asked?

    I do not use a recipe! I just want simple access to each device to be able to drive it according to my needs

    I have nothing against the development for other systems my requests are the basis of a universal remote control !!!

    Sorry I am not English speaking, I did not learn English because learning at 15 years old and in my day languages was not as common as today (I am 52 years old).

    Frankly The Neeo team in view of the updates either he sleeps all day or take vacations 9 months in the year?

    I'm disgusted that such a good product as Neoo remote control is not more developed on basic functions after so many years or so ... there is favoritism compared to certain customers or requests?

      • Andy
      • Andy
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Alain Durenberger 

      Many thanks for your feedback!
      Please let me know the model names of the three missing device. We'll do our best to add them ASAP for you. Thanks!

      • Andy
      • Andy
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Alain Durenberger 

      Regarding controlling separate devices - The idea of NEEO is to watch TV, watch Blu-ray, listen to music, etc. All needed devices are switched on, the correct inputs are switched and you'll be presented with the correct buttons for use of the scenario, etc.

      It's not made for controlling single, separate devices. Still, you can kind of achieve this. On the shortcut screen, you cannot only add all commands of all devices on NEEO you like, you can also add whole widgets. E.g. add the direction buttons or transport buttons of a device. This way you can build your own screens. E.g add all buttons of one device on the first screen. If the screen is filled, it will automatically fill the next screen. There you could add commands for another device. And so on... You can also hide screens you don't want to see. E.g. in case you don't like the default screens, you can hide all of them and build your own interface within the shortcut screen. You can either hide the slides/screens inside the settings menu under "Recipes" or simply start a recipe inside the app (not the remote) and click on the menu icon in the top-right corner. There you'll see a menu entry for editing slides. But as said, this is not the primary idea on controlling devices on NEEO.
      If you use recipes, you should already have the necessary buttons. If some commands are missing, you can add them via the shortcut screen.

      Also, you can be assured that we care about every customer the same. Just let me know which devices are missing. I'm working for the IR database department. So, if you have any issue with an IR controlled device or if you miss one in our database. Just post it on Planet NEEO and add @Andy to the message. I'll do my best to fix your issues ASAP. Let me know about the missing device models. Thanks!

  • Alain Durenberger said:
    I do not use a recipe! I just want simple access to each device to be able to drive it according to my needs

     you have to use recipes for every device you wane control.. it's not possible in an other way..

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZktwlgsEtY


    May I add to that as you add devices to a recipe, the volume is centralised and so does the main power button.

    But what I believe he is asking for extra single device list control slides. 



  • Hi everybody, Thank you all for your answers,

    I'm sorry to take the Neeo team! as for a super object to drive his home theater and we can not use it at any given time (1 year) we fall in live !

    Thank you for the Youtube Video but we always come back to the same problem? the language I do not understand English but I speak and write fluently German.

    My home theater is in the living room and my devices are usually on all day. I use the Xmc-1 for the 7.2 part of the sound and the Denon part High 9.2 Auro 3D on 3 amps Emotiva and I need to be able to rename the Icons otherwise the remote control is useless because too complicated to manage the keys that I need. 

    I just discovered that I still have 3 unknown device ! 

    I have 2 subwoofers: Elac S12 EQ & Elac sub 3010 which are driven by ios / androis app in Bluetooth.

    - Air purifier: Axrek AX7000 - Air Conditioner: Olimpia Splendid Mod. Dolce Clima Nanosilent 01589

    - Epson Wireless HD transmitter : WIT-EQ

    - Screen projection: impossible to find a mark or a reference! buy on Ebay at videoprojektor24.


    I also noticed that the screen of the remote control flickers...? after a reboot it is better !

    Cordialy Alain

    • Alain Durenberger du kannst Problemlos in Deutsch schreiben hier. Andy, wie auch ein grosser Teil der Community hier spricht Deutsch

      • Andy
      • Andy
      • 2 yrs ago
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      nuro Alain Durenberger

      We have the policy to keep everything on Planet NEEO in english. This way, as many people as possible can profit from it. But some community members have opened language specific "boards" on Planet NEEO. There is the Deutsches Forum. You are welcome to post in German there. NEEO will answer in German there. I'm myself native German speaking.
      Of course we can continue here in this post and stay on english. Also, you can write a support ticket at support@neeo.com . The first time response will be in english. But you can ask them to forward it to me. Additionally, you can send me an email to andreas.marti@neeo.com . Whatever you prefer! Thanks!

      Alain Durenberger

      Regarding the missing devices - We are usually able to add new IR driven devices very quickly. Unfortunately, your selection of missing devices is a bit problematic.

      Elac S12 and 3010 - It looks like these devices are controlled by IP and Bluetooth only as you have already mentioned. Bluetooth is build into NEEO hardware wise. But the software is not ready yet and Bluetooth is not supported yet. But we are right now working on Bluetooth. Hopefully it shouldn't take very long anymore. But no guarantee. 
      As our resources are very limited, IP integration for this device cannot happen very soon. But we have an open API and SDK. Everybody with a bit of coding knowledge can write his own driver. To get started, take a look here. There are also some examples of already written drivers.

      Axrek AX7000 - We are not able to find any info about this device. Even a Google search outputs zero results. If the device is IR driven, I can send you a Live IR Test and we may be able to figure out the correct codes. Also, you could send us the remote for learning the codes.

      Olimpia/Dolce - Our air conditioner code sources are very poor at the moment. But the good news is that we will have access to a new source for these devices very soon. I'll keep you updated and let you know if the source includes codes for your devices.

      Epson Wireless transmitter - Good news, this device should already work. Even if it is marketed as Epson, the actual manufacturer is Seiko. Please add the Seiko WIT4-G0. If it doesn't work, let me know. For this device, I'm sure we have the codes.

      Screen projection - Most screens use one of 4 sets of codes. We have Live IR Tests that contain these codes, made exactly for such no name devices. But be aware that these are hundreds of codes and there is no guarantee a working one is included. You could also send us the remote for learning the codes.

      The Live IR Test works the following way:

      1. Navigate to the Settings Menu in your NEEO app.
      2. Navigate to NEEO Brain.
      3. Click on "Live IR Test".
      4. Enter into the text field the following code: fkCI8KzTRH, viwsG16dqq, ZCzEA8fCtV & 3bC4Ns2ntX
      5. Test the commands

      Thanks for testing!

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    • Andy sorry fot that.. my "hier" should be linked to "deutsches Forum" my misstake.

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