Slides per Recipe (not per Device)

It is possible to have the slides applicable to a Recipe and not a Device?

I have a recipe to watch the TV and it comes up with my favourite channels etc and that is awesome.

But I also have a recipe to watch my Laptop which is hooked up to the TV - this uses the same device but switches the input.  This works fine BUT I would prefer to remove the favourites slide as it's not applicable.  If I remove that slide it removes it for when I use the TV recipe as well.

And while on the topic - I would love to be able to choose an icon for my custom recipes as opposed to a stack of circles on my screen. (Yes I know there is a vote for this, but I figure it doesn't hurt to remind the team).


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  • hi Brian Chambers

    don't use a custom recipe. thats the problem in your case.

    try to add a new automated recipe.. you just can add a device you don't even own and create a new recipe. if you choose a divce group like tv, your recipe has the tv icon. at this point you can not change the icon.

    in the auto generated recipe you can make slides by your own.

  • nuro thanks for the reply.

    I actually had it setup the way you described when I first received my neeo but it has been packed away for the past few months during a house move.  I was excited to see the latest version come out while I was moving so have only just started getting everything sorted again.

    Originally I added 2x TV devices and had 2x automated recipes (one for watching tv and the other for using the laptop on the tv).  This basically worked but the main issues I had was that if I wanted to switch between the two, it would

    * take longer than expected as it would think the 'other' TV was not switched on and therefore send the commands to do so and wait

    * leave the old device in the currently running list up the top - which was confusing for other people using the remote.


    I'll have another play around this afternoon and see if there is another workaround.

  • I played with some other options this afternoon and got it working how I want it to - so pretty happy.

    In the end I added a device for "Apple MacBook Air" and have it connect to the TV input I need.  Now when I switch between normal TV and Laptop TV it does it super fast and doesnt leave the old one in the 'currently running'.

    So now I just need to fix a few more things and wait for the neeo team to implement a few:

    * my sonos players can't be seen anymore (unsure why but I'll keep playing)

    * would love to assign some icons for my custom recipes (have voted for this now just have to wait and cross my fingers)

    * would also love to be able to assign my own ALL OFF recipe to the main power button 

  • Sonos back up and working (after brain reboot).  Hooray!


    One thing that I wonder if there is a work-around for:


    With my "ALL OFF" recipe, everything works as I expect except one small thing...  even though everything has been turned off, one dumb-device thinks its still on and therefore stays in the "currently active" bar up the top.  Is there a way for me to remove it from there without having to press the power icon next to it in the top bar?

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