Remote out of control

I don't know whats going on but lately I have some major issues regarding NEEO. icons are not loading in my TV setup, remote not charging (disconnected the battery inside remote did the trick) but now my NEEO is constantly searching for the remote and vice versa. powering everything off reconnecting with an ethernet cable works for a minute after that it just cant find it anymore. 

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  • Try this :  In your router web interface find and delete the previously acquired IP addresses ( you will find three of them 2 for the BRAIN and 1 for the REMOTE) then reboot the router and pull out/in the power cord out of the BRAIN and wait till it gets a solid white light then hard reset the remote to get the new settings. Then try Niels de Klerk 's tool posted here

      • Henrik
      • Henrik
      • 3 wk ago
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      Emmanuel Serebe how do you reset the battery my neeo do also not charge?? 

      thx Henrik 

      • Aaron Ranson
      • Consumer
      • Aaron_Ranson
      • 2 wk ago
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      Henrik my remote started acting this way the last day or two as well. Would try to turn on and immediately shut off. 


      Unplugging and plugging the battery back in seemed to work for the time being for whatever reason. You just pop off the back cover (there is a notch at the top you can wedge a small screwdriver or knife) and unplug the battery there. 

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