Rezept für den Fernseher eingerichtet.?

Hallo allerseits
kann ich hier nicht weiter kommen.
Ich habe ein neues Rezept für den Fernseher eingerichtet.
es geht an alle geräte.
  außer wenn ich mich wieder ausschalte, wird nur der Fernseher ausgeschaltet.
Soundbar, Kabelbox
siehe Bild

Was mache ich hier falsch?

Die Einrichtung von
Rezepten hat noch nicht verstanden :-(

Gruß Bernhard

bitte verschieben nach Rezepte

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  • Bernhard Schaefer ,

    Geh mal bitte bei recipes dann unter edit power off und da ma gucken welche geräte ausgeschaltet werden.


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  • Tolga Aydogan

    Hello Tolga Aydogan
    thanks for pointing it out.
    Greetings Bernhard

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  • Hi,   Bernhard Schaefer First of all, I'd like to welcome you to Planet NEEO. 🙂 Thank you very much for reaching out to us. There is some information about setting up your NEEO for the first time over here. 

    If you use manually created recipes (>Created a new recipe in RECIPES), this recipe will not be shown on the home screen as NOW ACTIVE. Therefore, you can not edit "Power off". 

    If you like to start and switch off your devices whit one press, we recommend using automatically created recipes. 

    For example, if you like to watch TV, first add all your needed devices. Then perform the wiring setup. 

    Let's say you have a cable box, a Soundbar and your TV as your target device. Add all these devices and when you are done, you will see a Red exclamation mark at your Cable box (on the home screen). This means it is not fully set up.  Start your Cable box and go thru the wiring steps. You can then rename this Cable Box if needed, and add other steps to the recipe. (LAUNCHED and POWER OFF)

    If you have further questions or need more help on this, please let me know. 

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    • Ingrid 

      Hello Ingrid
      Thank you for your great instructions.
      But it still does not work the way I want.
      I set it that way
      1. TV
      2. cable box
      3. Soundbar
      but finally the cable box is turned off
      see my pictures
      Greetings Bernhard

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    • Bernhard Schaefer 

      is the cable box now turned off when you launch the recipe? did i understand that correct?

      if you relaunch the running recipe does the Status change from your Cable Box, also the Status of your Soundbar?

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    • nuro 


      DaIst die Kabelbox jetzt deaktiviert, ja,
      wenn Sie das Rezept starten? Ja
      habe ich das richtig verstanden? Ja

      Wenn Sie das laufende Rezept erneut starten, ändert sich der Status Ihrer Kabelbox, einschließlich des Status Ihrer Soundbar? Nein

      Als ich das TV - Rezept geht alles zu Ende zu starten, nur die Kabelbox beendet

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  • Bernhard Schaefer , mach mal bitte zwischen den power off befehlen kurze verzögerungen z.B 1 sekunde. 

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  • Hi, Bernhard Schaefer. Thank you very much for these images. I can see that the cable box icon is missing on your Living Room screen. Is your cable box added to the same room? 

    Let me explain a bit the way we think of handling recipes.

    We always consider the source first. > What would you like to do? For example, if you want to watch TV, the question is what source you need for this purpose? Do you use your TV as a tuner? Do you use a cable box? Do you like to watch movies with a Fire TV,...? 

    I recommend starting from scratch to use your recipes correctly and automatically.  

    So first of all, please remove all your devices and re-add them to the appropriate room. 

    In your case, please add your cable box, your TV, and your Soundbar (and more devices) to your Living Room. When you add your TV, NEEO will ask you if you use this TV as a Tuner or a set-top box. I guess you use a cable box as a tuner, therefore please set "No, I have a set-top box".

    When all your devices are added, you will not see your Soundbar and your TV on the living room screen. They are hidden by default. You will only see your cable box with a red exclamation mark. When you now start this recipe, it will lead you through the wiring process. Please choose the correct inputs.

    Of course, you can also adjust your TV recipe, although this might mean a little bit more work, as you have to adjust more recipe steps. Anyway, if you like to do so, please change the order of the commands like this:

    When icon "TV" is pressed:

    Send "Power On" to TV

    Send "Power Toggle On" to Cable (>Choose Power Toggle ON)

    Send "Power Toggle On" to Soundbar

    Wait 5 (or more) seconds

    Use "Soundbar Volume"

    Show "Cable Controls"

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    • Hi Ingrid 

      Thanks a lot for the great instructions, I'm a bit overwhelmed here.

      Thanks for the pictures. I can see that the cable box icon is missing on the living room screen. Is your cable box same room Yes
      Let me explain a little the way we think about recipes.
      We always look at the source first. > ok
      What do you want to do? Watch TV via cable box including soundbar
      For example, if you see how TV, the question is, what source do you need? cable box
      Do you use your TV as a tuner? No
      Do you use a cable box yes
      Do you like watching movies on a TV, ...? yes about Appel TV
      I recommend using your recipes correctly and automatically from scratch.

      OK, I will check everything again


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    • Bernhard Schaefer I hope that gives a short overview of the handling of recipes. If you need further help, don't hesitate to contact me or also ask our amazing community here! 🙂 (Thanks, Tolga Aydogan and nuro)

      Let me know when you are ready and if you still have an issue with your cable box. 

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  • P.S.: For Power Off, I would also recommend using "Power Toggle Off". 

    Do you use a device smartener for your Soundbar and Cable box or for one of your devices? 

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