Turn on / of LED via SDK

Is there a direct command to NEO available to turn the LED on or off?

Of course, I can create a cranium device and then make a recipe and then start the recipe from external, but this seems a bit awkward.

Is there no simple command I can send via HTTP for turning on/ of the Led of the Brain?

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  • Should be possible, but due to this is an internal SDK Driver, you can't get the Call via Spoofing, don't know if Niels de Klerk dived deeper in it. But at least, Ingrid should be able to declare, if this call is willed to be available for public use or if they keep it internal.

  • Why not have them in Settings menu? It is a round about way to add the reboot through a recipe.

  • I have solved this by selecting the cranium device and then trigger the matching macro from the external system, that's ok. It would be from my point of view, an additional relief you could also just use a direct command without having to trigger the specific macro of the cranium device.

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