Z wave scenarios?

Can someone help explain to me what,real world use Z wave has with Neeo? Ill admit i own very few z wave devices so I'm at a bit of lost knowledge here. 

When I look at Z wave stuff it seems almost all sensors, some light switches, and door locks. 

I use a Abode home security system that supports both Z wave and Zigbee. This makes sense as door and window sensors. Along with water leak and motion sensors. But I don't see how any off that would be useful for Neeo? Maybe a z wave door lock, but again Abode would be better handling that than Neeo. I do get the light switch thing but all my bulbs or switches are smart and controlled via ip and mostly by Alexa.

What,can I do with Neeo and Z wave/Zigbee? What home automation can I accomplish that makes sense to use a remote for?

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    @@Jason. I  have about 80 zwave nodes.   Most of what I’m looking to do on the remote would be lighting control in recipes and ceiling fan control.   I think there could be some interesting things we could do with environment sensors from the zwave multi sensors too. 

  • An example use case would be where the Watch Movie recipe would dim the lights.

  • Or; if motion detected show camera feed on remote ;)

  • Jason  These come to mind:

    1. Automatically turn lights and tv on in the bedroom at 6am to wake us up!

    2. Automatically turn off lights when leaving the house at 7.30am.

    3. Automatically turn on lights to dim in the bedroom and bathroom, if there is movement during night time.

    4. Run fan for 4 minutes in bathroom after last movement...

    5. Roll down blinds if too much sun during working hours on weekdays to save energy.

  • I have a LG projector with a "magic" remote. It works through RF so it's not compatible with NEEO.  As far as I know, the projector has no IP-based API that I could use either  However it has a "turn on when powered" feature.  So I've connected it to an Aeotec Z-Wave power outlet and if I can figure out how to pair it with NEEO I would to turn on/off the projector by turning on/off the power outlet.

    So far I have not been successful... It is already paired with my SmartThings hubs and doesn't seem to want to pair to a secondary controller.  Maybe I'm missing something in the process...

  • The is for all the suggestions. Definitely some outside the box thinkers here. Umfourtatley most of the are based in lighting. And again I use smart lights bulbs so already have a lot of this set up without the need for z wave. 

    I like the idea of when someone rings the door bell I get a video on the remote but from what I read this is not currently possible. Only a quick screen shot is all that is possible. 

    I also see value in controlling my blinds with the remote but have yet to see a product that will do that with our having to completely replace all the blinds in my house. I have hopes for MoveZ but as of yet that product is not available and who knows if Neeo will support it when/if it does come to market. 

    So it kind of seems like z wave is a bit out dated and has been replaced mostly by IP control as I suspected. 

  • I actually doe prefer z-wave modules over smart bulps, this way my light switches stay fully functional and the still communicate in two directions with the primary controller so that the states are always correct. Also, such modules allow me to use functions like dimming and reacting differently to multiple clicks. I can also assign light switches to whichever light I want and to as many lights as I want.

    In my home, all lights are fully automated based on logic which mostly relies on battery-based z-wave sensors the check for motion and light level. But in some cases, it is still needed to control them manually. One of the things I love most is the double click on the switch right next to the door, that turns everything of in my home when I am leaving.

    In the future it might even be possible to "unstupify" devices by measuring the power consumption with a z-wave plug 😉

    • I sort of did that Patrick. It solved my Neeo to Homeseer problem.

      Put the TV on a Zwave module that reads power use. Set up a macro in Homeseer that is very basic to say that if the power use goes above 70W power up and set the house for viewing, ditto in reverse for power down.

      Not the ideal solution but, a solution that works.


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