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  • Hi Guys. I have in order the white rabbit. When will I be contacted to make a choice in the colours. 

  • Just received my Neeo


    there is no place here to start a new topic, so I am placing my question here.


    Is there a place where the company bothered to make a hookup/setup video?  This is NOT intuitive and there are cables which I am not sure I need.


    Not real happy with this at the moment.

    • Oliver Solomon As soon as i heard, these are to follow, but currently not Available. What exact question did you have? It should be no big issue to help you.

      For Setup you require all of the Cables at the Brain, that where delifered with the Packaging. Means, you need to hook up the Power Cord (Best with the Ferrit clamp installed at the USB end) and also provide the RJ-45 Connector to the Brain and your Router, this cable can be unplugged later but is required for initial Setup.

      For the Loading Base there is a second USB to Power Port Adapter available.

      The One with the Big DOT at the end and an 3.5mm Headphone Jack on the other end, is an IR-Blaster and is only required for Remote sending of IR-Signals. Can be Setup but is not mandatory!

      If you like to see a short Instruction Niels de Klerk made one available in Youtube witch covers also the basic Setup you can find this over here:


    • Markus Mahr Have never seen that video. Unbelievable impressive of the professionalism!

    • Oliver Solomon 


    • Markus Mahr 


      so manu issues.  First the remote says it can’t communicate with the brain.   Even after pressing center button on the brain


      also the remote stays  lit up

    • Oliver Solomon you can try the following :

      Hold down power for 10 seconds, then remove the finger and press Menu and power together until you see the screen for pairing again. Follow the instructions, if this doesn't help, reply here and a recovery Methode can follow.

      According to your picture, the WiFi setup was not correctly transferred to the remote. It can also help to redo this on the Brain!

  • Is there a way to reverse the need AND REMOVE IT FROM MY SYSTEM OR CAN I REMOVE THE recipes?  there seems to be a problem with my preamp/processor for may home theatER AND AppleTV does not work properly at all.

  • Hi, I just discovered your products. They look very cool! I'm located in the U.S. and unfortunately, the YouTube video is not viewable here. is there an alternate vide for US?

    Thank you!


  • I would just like to say Hi! I just purchased my first NEEO and it will be delivered tonight. I'm moving to NEEO from Logitech Harmony after they have disabled their local API, which results in limping my domotica system

    I'm sure NEEO will see more orders from people jumping ship

    • Tozz Hello Tozz! Welcome to the NEEO family.🎊
      Enjoy and have fun with your NEEO tonight. 

      Check out this section over here and get started with our SDK / API 

  • Always liked to have a Neeo, never aford it. 

    I wish good luck to Raphael and the team for the future. 


    Best regards from switzerland

  • Hey guys. Just posting here incase I end up winning the signed last remote from you guys. Hope I'm not too late! Its funny i was considering purchasing a remote a while back. I just so happened to navigate to the website today and find your blog post about not shipping anymore remotes. I would have loved to test one out! Fingers crossed :) All the best with control 4. Would have been cool if you could still do a consumer line. Cheers