Great Wireless IR Extender

For those needing to send IR where a wire won't go, I've been using the BAFX Wireless IR Repeater Kit (Amazon link) with the NEEO.

I needed to add IR control to my projector which hangs from the ceiling at the back of the room and there was no easy way to run a wire. Works great.


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  • Jon Iverson Very interesting,  so you tested that also with NEEO?

    • Patrick Hi Patrick - yes works great with NEEO. Had a Harmony remote that had IR built in so was able to bounce to the projector.

      But since the NEEO has no IR in the remote, and my Brain is in a cabinet along with the extender, a way to trigger the projector at the back of the room was needed.

      Found this wireless IR repeater on Amazon and put the IR receiver in the cabinet (stuck it on the side where it could see the Brain) and then stuck the wireless IR blaster over the projector IR receiver 20 feet away.

      Have been using this setup for 2 weeks and works perfect every time. Using the Harmony remote's built-in blaster was not as consistent as this, so I probably should have done this from the beginning.

      • Patrick
      • Patrick
      • 5 yrs ago
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      Jon Iverson Thanks a lot, very good to know that there is a working solution out there. I am sure others will profit from your post, even some of members of Team NEEO 👍

    • Jon Iverson Hi Jon, so I bought this from Amazon for the setup that I posted in the picture in one of my posts in this thread.

      I can't get signals to work.

      Even without setting up NEEO, the OEM remotes for the stereo aren't working with the IR blasters. The instructions are a little confusing to me or maybe I'm just being dumb but, the IR signal does get carried through because the red light blinks on both ends.

      Maybe you can be kind enough to check my wiring?

      Room one:

      Wireless blaster with just receiver port for IR cable, and power cable. This is what i am pointing my stereo remote at

      Room two:

      Wireless blaster with emitter port and receiver port, and power cable. I have IR cable plugged into the emitter port and taped right on my stereo (I cannot find where the OEM IR port is on the stereo, even with the flashlight trick the instructions suggested). But I taped the new IR end in many different places in the cabinet, and no luck.


      When I press the remote control in room one, I can see that the light blinks on both sides, so the wireless blaster is doing its job! But the signal isn't being transmitted per se.

      I know the remote control works for sure because if I step into Room two and point my OEM remote at the stereo it turns on and everything.


      The instructions are telling me to plug something into both the receiver and emitter port on the blaster attached to the speaker. I am confused by this.

      Any guidance would be super helpful!

      Thanks in advance!


    • ClearHeatVision Hi Raj - sounds like you have it set up correctly. But I would make sure to locate the IR port on the stereo, since this is critical. I've also found that once I find the receiver, you need to move the blaster around on it to get it lined up.

    • Jon Iverson So it absolutely must cover the OEM IR port on the stereo? And if I am trying to do both a Stereo (receiver) and the 6-CD changer below it, is it correct that the one blaster centrally placed in front of the cabinet isn't sufficient to control the two devices? 

      So I should spent time figuring out where the IR port is on both Stereo and CD changer and then place the smaller quad-IR ports over the OEM ports?

      Is that correct? Let me know I made sense.

      Thank you also for taking time to respond to me! 

    • ClearHeatVision Yes correct. You may have to experiment moving the little stick-on blasters around the port until you get a consistent response.

    • Jon Iverson OK! I got it to work.

      I think the mistake was the following:

      One the receiver Transmitter (the box containing TWO inputs: emitter and receiver), it seemed I had to use both of them.

      The package came with 3 IR cables. Two large sensors, and one "quad" sensor. So for anyone thinking about purchasing this also:


      1.) Plug ONE Large IR sensor in line of sight with the NEEO brain (Picture 1)

      2.) Place Transmitter one (which is plugged into AC power outlet and then also the Large IR sensor is plugged into the RECEIVER port) somewhere with minimal blockage. The cleared the path (minimal walls, furniture), the easier the signal will be connected to


      1.) Place Transmitter #2 (which is plugged into AC power and has TWO inputs: receiver and emitter) near the devices you need the IR signal to get to

      2.) Plug the OTHER Large IR sensor into the RECEIVER port. Tape this sensor somewhere outside of the devices. For instance, I am trying to control audio equipment in a wood cabinet. So I taped this sensor on the wall above the cabinet. This sensor can be used to get signals from the original remote controls of the devices. (Picture 1)

      3.) Plug the QUAD IR sensor cable into the EMITTER port. These four tiny IR sensors are what will need to be taped over the device's original IR sensor on the device itself. The manual says to shine a flashlight to find this. It looks like a tiny dome, usually found on the display itself. As Jon Iverson mentioned, it takes a long time to figure out the best position to tape these tiny quad receivers onto the devices. (Picture 2)

      So if you have 4 devices that you are trying to control inside a cabinet, tape each of the tiny "quad" IR sensors of the OEM IR port on the device. (Picture 3)

      Final Setup Summary

      In living room:
      Stereo Remote / CD Player Remote Signal > IR Sensor #1 > Signal transmitted from Transmitter 1 to Transmitter #2 over RF in the next room

      In next room:

      Incoming RF signal received by Transmitter #2 > transmitter to Quad IR Sensors (one is attached to CD player, other the stereo)

      With NEEO:

      NEEO Remote Control > NEEO BRAIN > IR Sensor #1 > Transmitter #1 > Transmitter #2 > Quad IR Sensors #1, #2

      ps. The purpose of IR Sensor #2 is just to be used as a bridge to the OEM IR ports on the devices if you wish to point your original remotes at the devices, they won't work because the port is blocked. So point it at IR sensor #2, which then will relay it to the quad emitters via Transmitter #2.

      Cheers! Thanks Jon Iverson !!!

  • Hi Jon Iverson

    I was going to make my own post about this, but I guess you came up with the solution I need -- I think.

    See attached picture.

    I have a Stereo system that is around the corner of a different room, away from my home entertainment system controlled by my NEEO Remote/Brain. 

    Because the stereo is technically in a different room, I can't use NEEO to control it.

    If I were to connect an IR extender to the stereo, and place the IR sensor on the "green X" in the picture towards the ceiling, do you think the BRAIN would be able to control the stereo systems from my couch?

    This would be awesome if you think it could!

    Maybe Andy could give his feedback too...

    Thanks guys!

      • Andy
      • Andy
      • 5 yrs ago
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      Yes, that should work!

  • Jon, do you think this will work with Neeo?



    All my stuff is in same area but no shelf in front to mount brain or ir puck. 

    Thanks for your informative post.


    One last question. When emitters are mounted do they block out all other ir?

    • Karl Smith Yes, they'll block the IR sensor on the device itself. So you need to find the correct placement of the new IR sensor. See my posts above about that.

    • Karl Smith Yes those should work and as noted below, will likely block out IR from other sources.

      • Patrick
      • Patrick
      • 5 yrs ago
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      Karl Smith I have not tested these. If you do, could you let us know here on planet NEEO? Many others would sure appreciate that.

      • Nadim Alam
      • Developer
      • Nadim_Alam
      • 5 yrs ago
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      Karl Smith did it work? I need something like this too, so would be good to know if you tested it and if it worked or not? thanks

  • Hello all. I forgot about this thread. Yes i boight them. Yes they work. 


  • Jon Iverson said:
    BAFX Wireless IR Repeater Kit (Amazon link)

    In case this is helpful to helps anyone:

    1. I learned, after a lot of testing, that the IR Receiver cable on the far end (that is, on the block with the emitter cable on it) can cause failure very easily.  If that IR Receiver cable is placed anywhere where the emitter cable can even vaguely bounce IR into it, then it will fail.  I don't have the option of putting the IR Receiver cable outside the cabinet, so I simply disconnected it and suddenly everything works much better. 
    2. I did try to connect a stereo headphone cable from the NEEO emitter port to the near end (that is, the block without the emitter cable) receiver port. I'd have loved it if it were a cable connection from NEEO  to BAFX.  Nope, I didn't get it to work. (Didn't fry anything either though. 😜)