NEEO recipes: Should one NEEO remote be able to control devices belonging to different sets of recipes without conflict?

My NEEO Brain is located in my livingroom.

These are the devices in my Livingroom recipe:

1 Samsung TV, 1 Yamaha A/V receiver, 1 Samsung cable box, 1 Sony Blu-Ray player, 1 Apple TV.

These are the devices in my Bedroom recipe:

1 Samsung TV, 1 Sony A/V  receiver, 1 Scientific Atlanta cable box, 1 LG Blu-Ray player, 1 Apple TV.

So far, my Livingroom recipe works (albeit without full automation due to "Stupid device" screens for my receiver and cable box  - Issue currently being addressed on different posts).  However, the bedroom recipe will not work unless I bring the NEEO Brain into the bedroom.

Once the Brain is inside the bedroom, my devices respond to commands from my NEEO remote, although with similar "Stupid device" screens for my receiver and cable box, so no full automation either.

Question 1: Why does my Bedroom TV respond to  Livingroom recipe commands?

Question 2: Why does my Livingroom TV respond to Bedroom recipe commands?

Both TV's are Samsung, but they are different models:

Livingroom TV: Samsung UN65KS8500FXZA

Bedroom TV: Samsung LN40B650T1F

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  • Anthony Roper

    This is a wide speard "Issue" in the use of IR. The Manufacturers doesn't change much (or anything) from the side of the IR Implementation, unless they need to to be able to get more Function implemented, or if they change the Hardware to it.

    I don't know if your two Samsung TV's are from within the same model Year or not, but it sounds like they are not far away in the Production run.


    For the Apple TV it does have different Code Sets implemented to be used, but NEEO actually only uses the Standard set, don't know if they plan to implement more sets or if they stay with the Standard one.

    Normally it should not make a difference in usage, thats because the IR can't be send through walls. Only Issue is, when using a AV-Rack and want be able to get thinks split...

  • Hi Markus,

    Thanks for the explanations. My bedroom TV was built in 2007 while my livingroom TV (Smart TV and Wifi capable) in 2016. The most disappointing part of all this is that when we were originally told that NEEO was the only remote we would ever need, we were literally expecting that to be the case. We as end users aren't supossed to bother with questions of "IR code-set implementation" or any technical language like that. I can totally understand these and many other technical concepts if explained to me. But even if I do, how do I explain to my grandmother that NEEO can't play her favorite movie because "it only uses a standard Apple TV. IR code set"?  When she asks "does it work?", I can only answer " no grandma" because that is all she'll understand. NEEO was suppossed to simplify things, which is the only reason people bought it. For us, it isn't a question of whether NEEO can control every device in our home, because it's pretty clear that for the most part it does. One of the reasons NEEO falls short of its promise is that it doesn't factor in the reality that many of us own multiple same-brand and model devices that we expected to be controlled by NEEO without too much hassle.  Even with these issues, NEEO is a wonderful piece of hardware with lots of potential. I can't wait until the day it finally lives up to its promise. 

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    • Anthony Roper i'd think that you missinterprete what i was saying about the AppleTV.

      Ifyou have Trouble with controlling it, you need to do the follwoing:

      start the neeo recipe via the App, make sure that the AppleTV is capable of the IR receive and ad a shortcut therefor do the following:

      1. selcet the shortcut page then hit the Plus in the circle

      2. select add a shortcut

      3. select apple tv

      4. scroll down to "UN PAIR" and hit the plus in the circle

      5. select done

      6. go back to the shortcut page

      u now see an icon called UN PAIR APPLE TV

      select it. This code is used from Apple to unpair all IR-Codesets from the different Remotes.

      You need to do this, because apple implemented a bunch of different sets to be able to control different AppleTVs in the same location from different remotes.

      Neeo only uses the Standard set at the moment, so if you previously pair a remote to the AppleTV NEEO doesn't know witch set the AppleTV and the Previous Remote was using. Therfor it can't handle it right away. When the Unpair was hittet one time, the AppleTV expets the Standard set again and no binding to previous remotes occured.


      The feature was implemented for Fairs, trade shows, hotel and conference rooms, i guess.

  • Thanks again Markus,

    You're fantanstic

    • Anthony Roper No Problem, that is what this place is for. If you have further thinks, just ask them, i'm sure somebody will come back and reply!

      • Patrick@NEEO
      • Community Manager
      • Patrick
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Markus Mahr Thanks for jumping in 👍

      Anthony Roper It is correct that manufacturers often use the same IR code set on thousands of devices over many years. That is something that we can mostly not work around when we are controlling devices over IR.

      We are working on more drivers that allow controlling device over IP (network), based on the IP/mac that should then be a work around for many of these issues. We also have other solutions coming up like control over Bluetooth or CEC.

      We are working on having multiple NEEO Brains in sync, meaning you could set up two NEEO brains in different rooms, but control all devices from one NEEO App or NEEO Remote without having to be switching in between the NEEO Brains. NEEO will then only send the commands in the room you have selected. At the moment I can not tell you exactly when this will be ready for the public though.

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  • Great stuff. I hope my language in some of these posts isn't too pessimistic. If so, don't let that fool you. I have a lot of faith in the great team you guys have assembled, along with all the collaborators. NEEO is still in its infancy; yet it continues to be one of the most revolutionary electronic products I've ever put my hands on.  NEEO IS the wave of the future; I'm just glad to come along for the ride.

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    • Anthony Roper 
      Just passing by the threads to read. Anthony, your analogy about Grandma is perfect. I feel the same way when I try to have my parents use my man-cave entertainment system. I am having a few hiccups but thanks to Patrick and Andy support, the issues are getting fixed.

      I am happy, just like you Anthony, that NEEO support is doing a great job especially with thousands of daily requests for support. That's a lot to manage. 

      I hope that eventually, both your grandma, and my parents will just be able to operate electronic equipment with NEEO without even thinking about it. I think NEEO developers need to keep that big-picture goal in mind. "Can a Grandma" use it.

      Anyway, well written post by both sides!

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    • ClearHeatVision Hey thanks for the kind words.  Indeed, Grandma is the common denominator.  Maybe we can come up with a title for this new approach to technology development.  How about "Grandma-Friendly tech".  It has a ring to it, don't you agree?  Oh oh, I see a TV commercial coming...


    • Anthony Roper Hahhahaha as someone who has been binge watching #SharkTank like may be onto something... (scribbles notes in diary...)

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      • Patrick@NEEO
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      • Patrick
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Anthony Roper You are not being too pessimistic, we can handle critical feedback as well 👍 

      We are glad to have you all on board on this very exciting ride.

  • My Apple TV 4K worked just fine with no changes needed to NEEO. I just removed the older Apple TV and replaced it with the new one. But now 4 days later the navigation controls on NEEO stopped working for Apple TV. Commands to other devices work just fine. What could possibly have changed?

    • I already tried the Unpair procedure.  Also to clarify: the Menu command works fine. it’s just the navigation arrows that stopped working

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