Does Neeo support the Zwave configuration manager protocol

I have a Z-wave device which is an IR transmitter specifically for HVAC systems.  In order to use the device one must send a command (using the Z-wave configuration protocol) which indicates what type of HVAC system you will be controlling (similar to universal TV remote where you have to enter the manufacturer code).  So does Neeo support this configuration protocol which will allow me to use this device?  I know that Neeo could probably learn the codes itself, but I have 3 AC heads and otherwise don't require a Neeo in each of the rooms.  These IR transmitters are relatively inexpensive and would be ideal.  My current primary zwave controller only recognizes the IR transmitter as an AC device (so I get temperature, set temperature, set fan speed etc) but it does not allow me to set the manufacturers code (ex: ### = Mitsubishi ).



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  • Steve Mills

    NEEEO allows you to set configuration parameters.

    Make sure the device is awake to receive the commands.

  • Thanks, haven't received my Neeo yet, but looking forward to it.

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