Switching between recipies


I have a couple of recipies. If I ie. use my PS4 recipe, it turns on my TV and my PS4 and switches to the correct HDMI - perfect.

But if I then press the Home button on the remote and choose my TV recipe, my set-top box is turned on, but my TV doesn't switch to the correct HDMI port. If I then press Home Again and press the TV recipe once more, it switches to the correct HDMI port. 


Why doesn't it switch HDMI port on the first run? If everything is turned off and I start my TV recipe, it Works just fine.


Thanks in advance.


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  • Hi Michael

    did you try to add a delay for switching the HDMI port? you can add this in the recipe.
    i had the same issue.. what i have done is, last action is switching the HDMI port, that solved the problem.

    • Hi nuro 

      I already have a 15 seconds delay before switching HDMI-port. This is only relevant, if the TV was turned off when activating the recipe though.

      This is not the case, as the TV is already ON in this scenario. Therefore, a delay would not solve anything.


  • Hi, Michael Grønbech Larsen.  Thanks for reporting this. For a better understanding could you please post a screenshot of your recipes. Do you have the same issue with the NEEO app? 

    • Ingrid 


      Actually, I haven’t experienced the problem the last couple of days.

      I’ll get back to you if it reappears.


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