NEEO and WPA2 Enterprise WiFi

Hi, I just received my Neeo today (Black cat) seems really cool, but as my WiFi is WPA2 Enterprise (with login / password) I cannot configure the brain to use the WiFi. I probably missed something?

Anyway, I kept the ethernet cable connected to the brain and the brain worked with the iOS app.

Now I try to use the remote but I cannot connect it to the brain. 

How can I use the remote with the brain (even if the remote is directly linked to the brain)  with my current WiFi network ?

Other question : is there a way to factory reset the brain and the remote to restart the whole process ?


Thank you

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  • The WiFi network part is unknown for me, therefor you should wait for a reply by Patrick

    Without the WiFi the Remote is not fully operational with the current firmware. The remote can use NEEO Link, but needs WiFi as backup.

    To Factory reset your brain, go to the menu via the app and scroll to the last entry, there you can find the entry remove all data (reset) this makes a clean brain.

  • Thanks for the information to reset everything.

    Anyway, no news from Patrick about WPA2 enterprise support. Right now my remote is totally useless... I can only use the brain with my cellphone.

  • I need WPA2 enterprise too. had to setup a new SSID with WPA just for NEEO.

    Please let us know the roadmap for implementation (I hope it's already on the wishlist)

    Thx Tom

  • Hello, still no news about wpa2...

    Is it something which will come up in an upcoming release ? Or will I be able to use the neeo remote without need of WiFi access if the brain is linked to my network through an Ethernet cable ?

  • Same here, I had to use a dedicated WLAN for NEEO system, from what I have read, it seems for now the remote relies on Wifi in either normal Wifi mode or NEEO Link mode.

    It'll be better that NEEO brain and remote can work without Wifi, because of the reality of Wifi is kinda chaos, I've seen some master control systems  tend to use Zigbee or BLE between remote and main controller and ethernet on main controller when deploying in hash Wifi environment, maybe NEEO should consider same thing too.

  • So I’m not the only one facing this kind of problems.... 

    anyway, I thought Patrick or someone else in Neeo team would reply.... 

    No change in their method. They avoid the discussion each time they don’t have a clear answer.

    They can answer me by saying « Too bad, your WPA2 Enterprise WiFi is not supported by Neeo and will never be. Think to sell it to someone else as the remote will be useless for you ».

    so please anyone from Neeo, tell me the truth. I think that as a baker (Like the others here) who have waited more than 2 years, I deserve a word from you explaining me I just bought an expensive paperweight.

    • Patrick is currently not in the Office, therefor he can't reply to any Post. I will pull in the Other NEEO Persons Jeff Emily Fäbu maybe they can provide further informations.

  • Thank you for your post, but my post is 11 days old, it has been read by some people (there were some replies) but no one in neeo team did respond.

    What should I do to have an answer ? 

    Do you really think that the team you pulled in will answer ?

    Time will tell us, but I’m not really confident....


    • sometimes a topic doesn't get to their attention, and was overseen in the load of new opened topics. Then it helps if you reask and pull them in. Normaly all of them are reading and replying often and allways when mentioned.

  • Thank you Markus Mahr for you advise.

    I’ll wait, and I’ll reask in a few days if no one answer me.

  • Jeff Emily Fäbu Patrick

    Ok, so I have been quite patient until now. I asked a question more than one month ago and I still have no reply (only Markus Mahr tried something). What's wrong ?

    I would like to have a clear answer about Neeo and WPA2 Enterprise.

    • Is-it in the roadmap ?
    • Did I bought an expensive paperweight (without WPA2 Personal WiFi I'm F**ked up, nothing is working) ?
    • Is it an habit to keep your customers in the dark (I think one month is enough to find an answer) ?
    • pgaultier  Hello, sorry for the late reply. I will check this out with Patrick and we will come back to you shortly. Wishing you a lovely day. My very best regards, 

      • Jeff
      • Head of Customer Experience
      • Jeff
      • 5 yrs ago
      • Reported - view

      pgaultier  Sorry for the late response on NEEO's end. WPA2 Enterprise support is on the future roadmap. Not too sure when we will implement. Let me know if you have any other questions.


      • vistalba
      • vistalba
      • 4 yrs ago
      • Reported - view

      Jeff Any news about that feature? 

  • Jeff Emily

    Ok, thank you for the answer. So right now, my neeo is useless unit WPA2 Enterprise comes to reality.

    BTW, will you do anything about the WiFi WPA2 Krak attacks ?

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