Adding a New accessory to my setup

Hi all, I have an automation question. 

I have an electric gate, controlled by a RF remote or a momentary switch. 

I know Neeo is not able to do RF (and I would have lot of pain to find the frequency) so I turned to the switch. 

A connected momentary switch would be perfect for my home, but... What switch should I buy ? I cannot find any on the net... Any suggestions ? 

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  • I would look into a z-wave compatible impulse relay to control your gate. 

      • Ziegi
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      • Ziegi
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Morgan Fromentin It is partially supported. Currently it is implemented as a basic switch, power consumption does not work. I think this could be implemented quite fast by NEEO team.

      On the other hand the functionality of a toggle switch is not implemented in NEEO at the moment; see I assume this is more complex, as it is not just a device driver.

      I personally use the exact same switch for  an electric towel warmer in my bathroom. Switching it on in the morgning on a specific time works like a charm. Switching it of with the momentary switch (or bi-stable switch; see parameter no.1) works perfectly.  However I did not manage to switch off the device using NEEO (or vice versa).

  • I am sorry but I dont read french and I don't have any first hand experience of z-wave products. Maybe someone with experience can comment on this.

    But I know gates as they are my profession :) And I know there are not many "open" solutions to control gates as of today. Z-wave for control (to impulse contact of gate) and maybe a magnet contact for door status would be the way to go for Neeo. Other solutions would be something like Gogogate 2, but that require you to use IFTTT-module in NEEO and rely on their servers (lag).