Favorite Channel is awesome!

The "Favorite Channel" feature is easily one of Neeo's best feature. I now have all of our family fav channel organized. No more scrolling through thousands of channels. Thank you Neeo. This is the future!


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  • Just curious here as I do not own a neeo but am considering it...it there something special about the way they do it.  I have a Harmony elite and it looks pretty much like this.  But when you say "this is the future" it leads me to believe neeo has done something unique?  Love to know as it'll help me decide if I want to ditch the Harmony

    • WB I don't know the exact way Logitech do this, but for NEEO they do it this way:

      Let you enter the Name of the Channel you want to add, then asks for the Tuner number and drop the Icon on the Display and let you just push the icon and NEEO Sends out the Channel number over IR, TCP/IP or (hopefully) Bluetooth in the futur.

      The way NEEO is capable of deciding / let the user decide witch way the Signal is sended out makes a lot of difference between NEEO and Logitech.

      As Backround Info: I don't own one of the newer generation Logitech, only one of the first Logitech Harmony One and between setting Up the Harmony and the NEEO there are galaxys! Meaning the Software required to set all up was a shame as Logitech provide, then a few Years (from second Harmny one genration) on Logitech descide to not further Improve the Software, so for my old Remote it is a pain to reconfigure or resetup everything. Or Replacing an AVR leads to so many difficultys, this is what NEEO do much better (in my eyes).

      But on the last point it is just a personal desicion what you like, there are not so much working Solutions on the Market, but i think, NEEO will be a good competitior to the other Companys! The Hardware used is potent enough to handle more functions and a big bonus are the many ways NEEO can communicate with other Home Automation Appliances, NEEO is not just a Remote!

    • There are some differences in favour of NEEO regarding favourites.

      • The logos have a higher resolution on NEEO opposed to Logitech.
      • Logitech has one favourites list where NEEO has a favourite's per device. So it's possible to have a favorite list for your Internet radio streams, Radio channels and TV channels.
      • There is no 30 Channel limitation on NEEO.

      There is a difference that is kinda in favour of logitech. With the logitech you could (mostly needed)  add custom channel logo's. The Neeo doesn't officially support adding custom channel logo's directly to the remote. You can ask the driver team to have it added globally. There is an unofficial way to get custom channels in.

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      WB I do not own the Harmony elite but i have the Harmony 550. I can't give you a fair comparison with the elite but between the Harmony 550 and Neeo...It is a huge difference.

      - Neeo: gorgeous touch screen vs 550: no touch screen, just plain black and grey LCD screen.

      - Neeo: use the Neeo mobile app to set up the remote and custom function wirelessly via WiFi 

      vs 550: requires a PC/Mac, plugging the remote to usb, log into online Logitech web portal to set up your setting, then repeat if there are any changes required...This is so tedious and requires me to use my computer tethered to a usb cord to the 550 remote. It is so old school.

      - Neeo is beautifully design in Switzerland following the long standing European design legacy like Baum, B&W, Bang & Olufsen, Le Corbusier, Vitra and Mies Van der Rohe...The Neeo is a statement in itself. It compliments my decor and artwork at home.

      vs 550...Well obviously, design and aesthetic is an afterthought. It works but it's damn ugly. 

      - Neeo is a 2 part system: The Brain sits close to your audio/video devices and then the Remote. This allows the remote to work seamlessly without having to point the remote at the direction of the device vs 550, you will need to point your remote at your device in order to work.

      - Neeo is truly "the" universal remote because it can handle IR signal and in the very near future...Bluetooth for products like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Sony Playstation, etc. 

      vs 550 only works on IR signal. I believe newer Harmony remote can work with bluetooth signal.

      - It's not also just about the technology and what it can do...It is also the philosophy of the company behind the product. Neeo is disrupting the universal remote control industry trying to solve the fundamental remote control pain points, technologically and aesthetically.

      - Lastly, comparing Neeo to Harmony is kinda like comparing Bugatti, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW to Honda, Lexus, Infiniti or Mazda. It lacks the grace and beauty of minimalism: embracing the fundamental of design...form and function, less is more.

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  • so actually NEEO is doing it the same way as Logitech Harmony, sending the channel number to the device and hit "enter".  

    With the Logitech App for the Smartphone the Setup is very easy for the Harmony, I dont have a NEEO yet so I cant compare. 

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  • Patrick Is it possible in the to have the favorites page scroll up/down instead of having to swipe to additional pages?  I would like to keep the number of pages in a recipe to a minimum.  Thanks.

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  • To continue the comparison with Logitech Ultimate. The setup is easier with the Logitech because you chose your channel provider (in my case virgin media) and they show you an appropriate list which you can simply select or not for your list.

    Neeo is dumb with regards pay TV providers so you have to type the channel number for each. Logitech know this.

    The upside is that you can chose the HD version of the channel more easily than with Logitech.

    But it took me a while to setup because of this. 

    Agree with other commentators re the quality of the graphics / screen / touch / speed of scrolling is all better with Neeo and the default inter key delay is less so it's a bit faster for me too!

  • Niels de Klerk said:
    NEEO has a favourite's per device. So it's possible to have a favorite list for your Internet radio streams, Radio channels and TV channels.

     Please explain your findings. I have found only shortcuts for Roku no favorites. Netflix logo is in Neeo and available for Directv favorites page but not for Roku shortcuts, I get the finger. 

    • Karl Smith as far as I know a Roku isn’t a “tuner” where pressing a number results in a channel. If it does then request it to have the tuner function added to the device driver if not then there isn’t a way to technically achieve this because of Roku limitations. There’s no finger.

    • Niels de Klerk 2 fingers. 

    • Karl Smith lol. I thought you meant something else with the finger.


      these are standard buttons. For a favorite page to be able to work it needs numbers.

      we can ask Patrick if a Netflix and amazon button icon feature request is feasible.

    • Niels de Klerk plus 1 for the "thought something else with the finger"

      also plus 1 for the ability to select pictures as shortcuts. opened voting for it over hear: https://planet.neeo.com/t/80k6ph

      • Patrick
      • Patrick
      • 4 yrs ago
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      Markus Mahr I assume this is feasible, I voted for that 👍

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