No battery after one week standby

Hello is this normal that the battery is empty after 1 week of stand by doing nothing? Patrick Raphael

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  • I have been tracking battery life and posting results to Planet NEEO - search my name and you will see that my remote battery drains in 6 days - this has been fairly consistent now - and this is with minimal usage where up-times shown by the remote (UT) average about 3.5 hours over each test period. I am waiting to see if the next major firmware release may address battery life, the functioning of NEEO Link, unresponsive remote buttons, etc.


  • milo even without using NEEO, the battery is drained, if it isn't left on charge, in about 6=8 days I've found - same as Tom Mandel - if using it's closer to 4-5 days

  • Accroding to the specification the battery should last for MONTHS on a single charge in standby... so still a lot to fix for the software team to come at least close to the promised battery life...