Toshiba SD-3109 (DVD) - DVD powering on when TV shuts off; mislabeled 'off' and 'on' actions


 "Power Toggle Off" and "Power Toggle On" commands seem to be swapped.  When I click TEST, each does the opposite. ("Off" turns on the disc player, and"On" turns it off.)

Worse is that turning off the TV turns on the DVD.  I thought I'd just use the commands backwards, as is, despite the swapped labels, but it seems to lead to a bigger problem. When I turn off the TV, the DVD player switches on.  To remedy this, I have added an action to the recipe for Powering Down the TV, so that now the DVD player flashes on then off, so it ends up off. But it seems crazy to have it toggle on and off each time the TV is shut down.

I'm guessing that if the labels were corrected, that the knock on problem could be fixed.

i haven't been able to find where NEEO is sending the command from.  It is a dumb device, set to automatically switch on and off. Don't know if the command is coming from there or from the "wiring" (though I don't see it there either.)


Thanks again, Andy!

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  • Bill Kaczmarek

    POWER TOGGLE ON, POWER TOGGLE OFF and POWER TOGGLE are the exact same commands. All do power toggle. Power toggle is only a toggle and toggles between on and off. All you have to do is make sure the device is off next time before you start the recipe and it will be in sync again. This can happen with power toggle. That's why we always try do add the discrete POWER ON and POWER OFF commands. But there are none for your device.

    • Andy ok, I'll play with it some more. 

      Each run independently, the recipe for DVD works perfectly.  The recipe for TV works as expected, except for turning on the DVD when it shuts down. 

      I'm wondering if the wiring has a linkage that it shouldn't have? I'll try to get both recipes to work.


      • Andy
      • Andy
      • 1 yr ago
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      Bill Kaczmarek 

      Wiring is not connected. It's really simply a matter of being out of sync. Just turn everything off before starting a recipe.

      POWER TOGGLE ON, POWER TOGGLE OFF and POWER TOGGLE is really the exact same code. Within the database backend I can only add the POWER TOGGLE. The toggle on and off version is created automatically with the code entered to power toggle. It's not possible that they are  different codes.

      You can send me a screenshot of the recipe steps. Probably, something is wrong there.

    • Andy Thanks Andy, I'm all set.

      Since then I did a Rescue of my Brain (which had been suffering with forever-flashing white lights). All recipes were rescued (just had to again rename all the Shortcuts and put in all the Spacers. :(   )

      The automatic recipe there still worked fine.  (The problems were on the second Brain that I had finally and reluctantly unboxed. Not sure what I had wrong there.)

      Now I'm happy to have BOTH the automated and the manual recipes. This is why I have both.  From a cold start, the automated is best.  When I want to leave the disc paused and jump to view something else, then later come back to it, then the manual is best - as it doesn't turn off the DVD player and lose my place in the disc. So I'll open with automatic and later switch to manual if there's some reason such as that.


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