Alternatives to a NEEO remote

As most of you, I really like the idea of an universal remote with both hard buttons and a touch screen that can control all my devices via ir, bluetooth, IP, zigbee, etc.

Neeo's strenght was supposed to be the ease of programming/configuring, but we all know that wasn't true. So now that NEEO craps out, what alternatives do we have?

Crestron TSR-310:

RTI T2x:

Logitech Harmony Elite:

Savant Pro:


I think all looks pretty good, but this time I want someting that actually works in my home theatre.

Programming is the obvious downside of the Crestron and RTI remotes, so tempting to choose something one can configure oneself.

Are there any other remotes with similar features as above? A upcoming new harmony remote or anything else from CES or ISE??

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  • Tord Solheim Programming is the obvious downside of the Crestron and RTI remotes, so tempting to choose something one can configure oneself.

    If you want to configure that yourself, there is not much left over, not even Control4.
    Then actually only a Logitech Eilte. I myself use a Logitech Elite, in addition to the attempt to control the same devices with the NEEO, and I'm satisfied. Well, actually I would have preferred the NEEO because of the design, but unfortunately, the NEEO is now EOL and can still no Bluetooth, is not able to learn IR codes and also has no way to adjust the colors of a lamp properly, because no color picker is available.

    Otherwise, I'm just using an iPhone with the significant disadvantage that there are no hardware buttons, but I am otherwise fully flexible and can customize the User Interface of the remote control exactly as I want it, that is not possible with the Logitech or otherwise one of the remotes that you have listed there. For controlling the devices from the iPhone I use AIO CREATOR NEO and IPSStudio. So it's always a question of what you want. Finally, I prefer to forego the hardware buttons otherwise the operation and user guidance of the user interface is consistent and all devices including feedback can be controlled via the iPhone.

  • What we need to do (this is semi-joke, semi-why not)...

    Replicate everything the NEEO guys did, but instead of for personal profit we should make this a cooperative endeavour. I.e. we crowdfund again, this time put this community at the helm (note: I’ve not paid much attention to it until just being ready and finding this Control4 thing out)

    We treat the organisation as a cooperative and have it led by the best of them, a la Niels de Klerk and co (sorry, I only know his skills and experience)

    It is a one member, one vote, organisation. We start from scratch - this will be painfully long, I know - but it will remain an open source hardware and software organisation and the dream comes back and is protected by the open source endeavour

    It’s a stretch I know. But, we’re not going to get the dream without dreaming 

      • Derrick
      • Derrick
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Damian Armitage This is a very good suggestion like many others here,  I am just worried they might shut down this forum anytime now. We really need to move these conversations to an external forum to save all the contacts and ideas being shared here. Would be nice to be able to archive this forum elsewhere for future reference as well.

    • Derrick That is an amazing idea. I just created a Telegram channel, where we can talk, share new tech and discuss our post-NEEO experiences.

      Would be cool to meet you there ;-)

      PS: You need to install the Telegram app, available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android...

    • Jakob Winter  i cant write anything in the chat...

    • Daniel Jordi sorry, my bad. I created a channel instead of a group. Could you try again?

    • Jakob Winter I can’t seem to view it even. Just says channel is private.

    • Chris Norman That is weird. It is an open group (not a channel anymore) and has seven members already. Could you try to delete it from your Telegram completely and then re-join?

    • Jakob Winter worked...deleted the app and re added it.

  • Great idea....and why not? I like it!

  • Y|O remote

  • Uni remote

      • Fonzo
      • Fonzo
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Tord Solheim Have you heard anything from Uni Remote? Apart from a website, you can not see anything, does the project still exist?

  • Fonzo You are probably right. I see the facebook page havent been updated in a year..

    definitive exists, there are some other guys from here joined in the meantime. I'm personally lucky and have a prototype at home, the speed of the gui (responsive) the fast ongoing development and the open approach are the key facts, why i joined this.

    A DIY Kit will be made possible with KS also, this is due to missing funds and order of a amount of hardware from china needs funds. due to the differences from ordering to deliver, there is no other solution to use as a crowdfunding solution (if someone knows a better way, please fell free to contact me!)

  • Tord Solheim @all of interest 

    The Kickstarter for YIO is live and did found 56% in the first 11 hours. You can fin it here:

    • Markus M Thanks for the heads up! I'm officially a backer again:-)

  • A little question, Is the old neeo dead? Im thinking of buying an used, but cant read anything about it. Only updates is stopped?

    • Johnny Nielsen not at the moment. but when the servers are offline, you can't make a new user account / login to your user account. You will not be able to add new devices (IR stuff) change any settings, when your NEEO App has sign out from the user account.


      The Timestamp whan this is happening, can't be set for 100% accuracy, but it will run at least (what C4 says) 48 month after C4 bougth NEEO. Trust this or not, you need to decide!

      I'm still also using my NEEOs today without (more) hassle then there where after the latest Update was coming out.

    • Markus M before the servers go down for good, can we add new devices now? Have you tried? For instance, new TV or any wifi devices...

    • ClearHeatVision as long as they are running, you are fine.

      For adding new devices to the database it is best to ask