Device-specific delay for recipes

I didn’t immediately find if this has been discussed already... I’d like to add delays in recipes for specific devices. For example, when starting the TV in TV or AppleTV recipe I need about 8 sec delay for the TV, but no delay for Apple TV. 

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  • You can add a delay anywhere in a recipe. You can add multiple if you want and have a different lenght for each individual one.


    Hope this helps

  • I forgot to mention smart delay which I’d like to use properly. Let’s say I’m turning my system on by TV recipe. If I then start Apple TV (recipe) I have the 10s delay there just in case I’d had started the system with Apple TV recipe. And vice versa.

    • Antti Karilainen the delays aren't smart. you can add a delay in each recipe you like on each position you like, just as Robin S allready said.
      if you like diffrent delay times for a recipe you have to create a new recipe with other delays, but that makes no sense in my opinion.

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