Recipes = Macros?

Forgive me as this is probably documented but do Recipes work the same as Macros did on the older Prontos?

I would like to create a Recipe (Macro) to:

• Turn on TV
• Turn on PS4
• Turn on AV
• Switch TV inout to HDMI 2
• Switch AV inout Game
• Shut Soomfy blinds

And have that named Recipe on my home screen as a button?

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  • Yes, Recipes are the sames as Pronto Macros. You should be able to do what you requested as long as your equipment is supported by NEEO.

  • Sean Booth At present, PS4 control relies on HDMI CEC, and I don’t think control over Somfy blinds is possible without using NEEO in conjunction with OpenHAB or Homey. Tim Roberts and Niels de Klerk should be able to confirm the latter. Good luck!

    •   using OpenHab or Homey with NEEO will provide a “out of the box” solution to support somfy. With OpenHab you will need to buy an RFXcom (radio). Homey has the radio included. 

      Also other solutions can work like Domoticz with a rfxcom adapter, but this needs some coding as there is no integration yet between NEEO and Domoticz.

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    • Niels de Klerk Home assistant would work also, there's also a NEEO driver for it.

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  • Excellent cheers for the advice guys.

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