Neeo protection/cover


I would like to "deploy" my neeo in my living room but doing so would require some kind of protection against drops on the floor since I have a young kid that loves to test technologies :) Do you have a plan to release such an accessory or a recommandation on how to protect our neeos against such events ?

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    • Jeff
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    • Jeff
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Hey  Loic

    Deploy it!  As long as it's not purposely thrown we have you covered. I have dropped my NEEO Remote a few times on hardwood floor and still running strong. The back cover has popped out, but popping it back in place works all the time.


  • Jeff, Thanks.  Want to confirm "we have you covered".  We have multiple kids with our remote and I am afraid it will drop and break.  I understand you have dropped it with no prob.  But what if it does break, is the replacement covered?  Also, do you have a cover for protection.  Like an Otterbox or some type of cover?

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