Lost Apple TV on Home Screen

Using the automated generated recipes for the Samsung Smart TV UE55JU6560U, Denon AVR-2805, Swisscom TV 2.0 and an Apple TV 3.0. Apple TV is connected to HDMI3 and configured in the neeo app. Swisscom TV 2.0 is connected to HDMI 4 and configured in the app.

Each Recipe I have edited:

- Samsung Smart TV, Swisscom TV and apple TV using Denon Volume and Mute Controls

- Denon shows the denon controls to be able modify Denon Settings while the denon receipt is running.


After Initial device setup and setting the Swisscom tv to HDMI 4 and apple tv to HDMI 3 and telling the denon receipt to show controls, all four recipes are displayed at remotes display and on the home screen of the app.

After edit the four recipes to asign using volume and muting of denon, reciever, the apple tv is lost on home screen.

The Device is present insied settings/devices and settings/recipes.

Also after restart the app, the apple tv icon stay lost on home screen.


The phenomen is reproducable: after deleting all devices and recipes, and reconfigure the four devices / recipes, same thing...

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  • After some hours of research, try and error, I found a solution that works. But one question stays in the room - but first the current solution that seams to work:


    After reset Neeo Brain to factory default, I connected the Swisscom TV 2.0 with newest UHD ready firmware to HDMI 1 of Samsung Smart TV. PC at HDMI2 and Apple TV 3 at HDMI 3.

    By adding the Swisscom TV Device, I realizedd an additional driver Swisscom tv uhd old. I tried the tree variants and was able to update the driver.

    All Recipes are configured to use Volume/Mute of the Denon AVR-2805.


    Now all Devices are displayed at the home screen of the Neeo IOS App and all seem to work as expected. Have to test some days...


    My question now:

    The Swisscom TV Box should be placed at HDMI 4 at most Samsung Smart TVs, because this is the only one that supports HDCP 2.2. Thats why I prefered HDMI 4 for the Swisscom TV Box.


    For example, take a look here: https://community.swisscom.ch/t5/Archiv-Swisscom-TV/Swisscom-TV-UHD-mit-Samsung-UE55HU8580/td-p/433825


    And now, with Neeo, I have to use HDMI 1 to 3 because HDMI 4 is not reachable, cause of the Implementation of the Samsung Smart TV?


    Would be nice, that the Bluetooth and/or IP Possibilities will become an additional Protocoll to control the Swisscom tv box or maybe it will also help to reach HDMI 4 on Samsung smart TVs?

    • Michael Vogt Thanks for the precise reporting. Confusion with your name is guaranteed as you have the exact same name as our head of software engineering Michael Vogt ;)

      We will certainly co to us to improve the control of Swisscom TV, poss ily via Bluetooth as they don’t have any CEC available. Regarding the Samsung TV - if I’m not confusing this there are no commands available for HDMI input 4. This is a bit unfortunate. If they change anything on their side we will certainly implement it. 


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