Recipe won't stay active

My PS4 recipe worked perfectly yesterday. Today, I encountered a new problem. I have not made any changes or added any devices. When I activate the PS4 recipe it turns everything on appropriately (PS4, TV, receiver), but when I back out to the main recipe screen the PS4 recipe disappears and doesn't stay active. The UI bar that typically indicates that a recipe is running never shows up. Also, prior to hitting the back button to get to the main recipe screen, the PS4 recipe only has one slide when it should have 3 slides. When using my NEEO app on my phone, the recipe has all 3 slides, but the remote continues to have 1 slide. I have restarted the Brain and deleted/readded the PS4 to no avail. Help!

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  • same problem here

  • I deleted everything and reset the Brain, and I'm still having this problem. Now it's not only the PS4. None of my recipes will stay active if I return to the home screen on the remote. This makes me unable to turn off any recipes without starting them again and turning them off from within each recipe. Very inconvenient.

  • same issue here with xbox recipe.

  • Same Problem here with my PS4 recipe.

  • Christian Burrell  nuro   Peter Muerner André Geßner Thank you very much for reporting this. I have forwarded this to the team. We are looking into this and come back to you as soon as possible. 

  • Is there any solution already? I have the same problem with the Nvidia Shield SEC driver. It doesn’t matter if I use another device to create a recipe, when I adjust the recipe to “show Shield controls” the recipe isn’t active anymore on the home screen. 

  • Dear @christian_burrell -- did this ever get solved?

    Since 0.53.8-05eh8e2 firmware update, I've had this issue.

    I tried @markus suggestion of making sure "Show Controls ______" is part of the recipe. No luck.

    Like Christian, it worked fine before the update, but now, when I am in a recipe, it doesn't show that UI bar at the top which allows me to switch between recipes =(



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