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    What I dont understand, why releasing a new product instead of use the available resources to fix the bugs in the current product and add the missing, promised features?

    (IP control, Bluetooth control, KODI integration, PLEX integration, Customizable & user friendly UI, proper Power Handling of Smart Devices, Synchronisation between multiple brains, etc. etc. etc.)

    • Beni well we don’t know what the product is, Lets see what cool products they will announce.

  • are we going to smartphone route and now being offered a neeo and neeo xl? 

  • Since the product is being introduced at the CEDIA trade show (for professional/custom installers), and since the new website is called neeopro.com , it's safe to assume who the target audience will be.

    All I can say is that audience will have much higher expectations for customization than we consumers. They will demand the ability to tweak every single aspect of everything the remote can do. Given how little true customization is currently available for existing Neeo remotes, the company has a long way to go. Good luck.

    • Steveeo I'm a bit skeptical.  If you deliver a product to backers you can hide behind the idea that you didn't sell them a product but the backers believed in you and invested in you because they believe in your product / company.

      I must say, the things my NEEO can do, it does it without any problems but we were promissed so much more.  Delivery in march 2015, IP control, handpalm recognition (anyone remember that. :p), Nest support, Kodi support, IFTTT channel, HTTP commands, learning mode, bluetooth support, probably some others I forgot.

      As a company that only deals with backers you can get away with all this, if you deal with professionals that need to deliver on their promisses to clients that's a whole other story.

      The updates are slow and when we get an update it adds stuff but it doesn't add stuff that was promissed in the first place.

      We get IKEA support, WEMO and MYStrom support, none of which was promissed in the first place, but we don't get the promissed IFTTT channel, learning mode, Nest support, proper Nvidia Shield support.  The top of the idea voting hasn't been addressed.

      Don't get me wrong, I do like the NEEO remote and I think it has huge potential (although I think the remote itself is too underpowered and not capable of handling scrolling through listst with pics) but when they will deliver to professionals they won't get away with promisses they don't deliver upon over a year after delivery of the product.   

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      Frederik Vancoillie At least once a day when I pick up my Neeo, I get a message box on the screen that says "Please wait," with no explanation of what I'm waiting for or why. Custom installation customer pays hundreds or even thousands of dollars to have high end remote control systems. When they get random "Please wait" messages, you can bet that they will be complaining loudly to their professional installers.

    • Maybe it knows you're already waiting way too long for the substantial update where they deliver upon all the promises they made in the campaign..