HowTo control your computer via NEEO

You may own some kind of computer and would like to control basic stuff like playing and pausing media players with NEEO. There is some additional hardware that does make this absolutely possible. You'll also be able to control programs like Kodi. Together with NEEO, you can turn your computer into a media center.

You can choose between several options:


1. RC6/MCE/Window Media Center USB dongle/remote:

This link shows a list of possible MCE remotes. In general, all RC6 MCE remotes should work with NEEO. Please be aware that there are MCE remotes that call themselves MCE, even if they are not RC6 based remotes. 
These remotes usually use another command set and are not necessarily supported by NEEO yet.

If you own a RC6/MCE remote, you'll have to add to NEEO the following device:

Microsoft MCE Media Center (Advanced)


Microsoft MCE Media Center (Keyboard)


2. FLIRC dongle:

This is a very powerful device. You can make a huge number of devices IR controlled with this dongle. Furthermore, you can control your computer, Kodi, etc. You can even re-map and assign new IR commands and much more with the FLIRC app. In order to use it with NEEO, the FLIRC app is not even necessary. Simply connect the FLIRC dongle to your computer. Then add the following device to NEEO and you are ready to go :

FLIRC Media Player

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