Hand recognition / Plex / proper spotify

Any chance any of the above is delivered (by proper Spotify I don't mean a Sonos specific version).


All stuff highlighted in the KS campaign ? I get that you added a ton of amazing functionality recently (IKEA lighting anyone) - but any possibility that the promised functionality will arrive.


And if so approximately when ?




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    • Jeff
    • Head of Customer Experience
    • Jeff
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Hello  David Hall

    Hand recognition is still under development, but not a priority at this point on time. More to come on that in the future. 

    In regards to Spotify, if you open the NEEO app > tap on settings > tap on 'Accounts' you will be able to choose Spotify. Maybe what you are requesting is support for a different speaker and be able to access your Spotify music through that?

    As far as Plex goes, to my knowledge that has been set aside and not a priority. I will however, follow up with our dev team to see what we plan on doing with Plex in the future.


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      • Arunas M
      • Arunas_M
      • 1 yr ago
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      Jeff ok, these are not priority, so maybe you can share what you are working on as a priority? It seems Kodi implementation is not a priority too.

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    • Jeff - I appreciate the candid response.  It's quite a big departure from your KS though - and I hadn't heard that Plex etc was deprioritised.  

      WRT Spotify - I guess my gripe is this.  Neeo launched with the background that the team were from the 'install' industry - which I guess means a certain level of expectation - for example I don't think many professional installers (or hifi people) buy Sonos.  But yet that's the only integration with Spotify.  A fairer way of describing that during KS would have been integration with Sonos (including the underlying Spotify capability) - I'm reluctant to buy a Sonos device simply to use as an input to my proper hifi - esp when virtually every  component I own has Spotify connect built it.   So yes - I'm aware that I can link with my Spotify account - indeed I have - but there is zero benefit unless you own Sonos - and obviously that wasn't what I was expecting - per the above.  FWIW 'proper' Spotify integration is your 3rd most voted on feature (not far behind are Kodi / Plex).

      It would really help if you guys were able to comment on the voted on functionality since it will give us a view of the roadmap which will mean less disappointment with FW updates.

      For example - it would be easy to comment in each topic 'this is where we are with this feature / this is why we are not developing it' or whatever - without committing yourselves to any timelines (which I get you're usually unwilling to do!)

      FWIW - I love my Neeo (hardware wise).  I'd buy one for every TV but at the moment but I can't really justify the investment when (except looking pretty) - it doesn't do anything I can't do with existing device remotes (in most rooms).

      Kind Regards,



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    • Jeff Eg - line 3 of the Kickstarter describing the remote.

      The NEEO remote comes with a unique patent-pending technology which recognizes your hand when you pick it up: sensors in the remote detect your palm to match you with your profile and display your playlists, films, and favorites, instantly

      Actually it does none of that.  Neither the hand. Or the movies. Playlists. Films etc.  

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    • Arunas M David Hall

      I think the main issue, why there is currently no Priority from side of NEEO to push the development of Kodi, Plex or other integrations is due to the fact, that they also have such big things to do like having bluetooth available, make changes to the firmware that are not recognised by every user since they discovered some issues during the launch and feedback through logfiles from all runnign neeo units.

      So in my current understanding these thinks have more priority to be fixed and provide a stable ground before building a high support for external (endless possibility) ways of how an external source or software is supported.

      Other hand, there are a few users here that are very helpfull to get the support for other stuff working, also there are currently two different solutions to provide KODI support through the SDK of NEEO. One is the solution from Alexander Bauer which is capable of controling kodi "natively" for all used versions and hardware. The other one is Niels de Klerk solution which also allows you to see your movie list, series liest and pvr recordings directly onto the neeo display and let you start it directly from there.

      There are some issues that are not yet perfect for all integrations, but the remote is in the first years of envolvment (at least in my eyes) and the first steps the Team behind it allready fullfilled since the launches are pretty amazing, therefor thanks to the Team ( Jeff Ingrid Patrick Raphael please also spread it to all the other souls behind NEEO)

      Also i heard / read about one user that is trying to build a spotify connect integration for NEEO, but i don't remeber the name ot the status about that, sorry.

    • Markus Mahr all of which I get and am aware of (not to the detriment of your response btw!) - but my point is that you can't highlight key functionality and then abandon the development of that functionality.  As recently as days / weeks ago Raphael and co were talking about this stuff - not in the context of 'it's not any time soon' - so I just think a reply from Jeff - as honest and straightforward as it is (which is great) isn't adequate !

    • David Hall I'm fully OK with your statement and also with your initial request.

      As I follow the development from the NEEO since the first deliverys send out, I only thought, it can be helpful to have a viewpoint from them to now.

      I think there will be more features which every release of new firmware, these would definitely not helpful for every single user, but more features are allways helpful.

      But only time can tell exactly how it will be going.

      Also I don't know how long you have the NEEO or how long you are reading / active here, therefor this post hopefully also provides a short overview.

      If you have questions, here are also users that are happy to help. Officially only the guys related to neeo can tell what exactly are prioritys and what not. 

      As I don't be related to Neeo, my posts are only reflecting my thoughts and viewpoints.

      Also it is allways nice to discuss / elaborate thinks and thoughts about this product.

    • Markus Mahr you inspired me.  Since others have done such great work with Kodi - and there is a good node.js resource for Plex - I thought I would have a bash knocking up a driver.

      So far I can find my local Plex servers. Just sorting sign in.  The rest shouldn't be very hard.

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    • David Hall Great!

      Feel free to use any code of https://github.com/nklerk/neeo_driver-kodi

      • vistalba
      • vistalba
      • 1 yr ago
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      David Hall Any Update about the Plex Driver? Which device do you use for plex?

    • vistalba I have made quite a lot of progress.  I can register with a plex server and then list the connected clients using the Plex 'PIN' API (the one that you use on SmartTV apps).  Plex behaves quite differently to Kodi in almost every regard so whilst Niels de Klerk hard work on the Kodi plugin got me started - I've had to rebuild a lot more code than I expected and I still have a few minor issues even with what I've done so far (mostly limited to development and the fact that every time I make a change to the code I add a new client to Plex - which eventually breaks Plex!)

      In the meantime it's very hot in London and my (actual job) got a bit busy this week.  So either I've been doing (actual) paid work or drinking in the sunshine :-)

      I'll get back to it this weekend - at least to push my changes to git so that other people can mess with what I've created.  

      • Sameer
      • Sameer
      • 1 yr ago
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      Jeff said:
      More to come on that in the future.

       Oh...more to come in the future?  I should have saved my money for the future.  This product, i mean "project" is a f'in joke man.  Very little of what was promised has been delivered.   I still can't learn my own commands from my remotes.  Bluetooth still doesn't work. 

      If i want Amazon FireTV support, I have to take up an HDMI port on my TV.  WHY WOULD I DO THAT?  Basic HDMI CEC from my TV remote does all of what you guys said you spent so long, and were so proud of implementing.  You basically added net value of ZERO.

      I'm sorry...but this is frankly getting ridiculous.

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  • David Hall said:
    A fairer way of describing that during KS would have been integration with Sonos (including the underlying Spotify capability)

     I agree that NEEO is still missing some key features and I am still confident they will be added in the future.  But regarding Spotify support, that's exactly how it was described on Kickstarter.  From the FAQ page:

    Which wireless music systems do you support?

    With full Spotify integration: 
    SONOS Play:1, Play;3, Play:5 
    SONOS Connect:Amp, Connect

    Last updated: Tue, January 13 2015 10:58 AM CST

    That is the only place the word Spotify appears on the campaign or FAQ pages.

    • Dave H I guess I probably have to give you that. 

      I would say it's a bit misleading.  Equally I could add(from the FAQ)


      What AV receivers do you support?

      Accuphase, B&O, BOSE, Cambridge Audio, Denon, Grundig, Harman/Kardon, Insignia, Integra, JVC, Kenwood, Loewe, Marantz, Meridian, NAD, Naim, Onkyo, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Samsung, Sherwood, Sony, T&A, Technics, Yamaha


      All of mine (Yamaha) are on that list and yet Neeo doesn't support the built in Spotify client.

      I think we are splitting hairs.

      Hand recognition then ? That is literally the third thing mentioned about the remote.


      "Your remote comes with..."

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  • David Hall said:
    I've had to rebuild a lot more code than I expectedand

     Oh, bad to hear :(


    David Hall said:
    the fact that every time I make a change to the code I add a new client to Plex - which eventually breaks Plex!)

     I think that should not be a problem. I see this also if I use Plex with multiple different Browsers... everytime my session times out or whatever is shows up in my Plex Console as a new Client. After a few month I've more then 50 of them ... and I deleted the oldest 40 because they didn't connect since more than 1 week as a little cleanup ;)


    David Hall said:
    at least to push my changes to git so that other people can mess with what I've created.

     Ok, thank you. I'm not realy able to help because I'm not a coder.

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