Is it possible to provide TV channel list with icons to NEEO Brain at the time of device registration in NEEO-SDK

Hello to all,

                  I am working on a Set-Top box-like device, In which I would like to provide a channel list (channel number and channel icons ) in configuration file at the time of device registration with Neeo-Brain.

Can anyone explain how I can achieve this goal using Neeo-SDK?

I have found a manual process on NEEO APP, to add channel one-by-one, but I think it is not good user experience to add 100's of channels manually.

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  • Are you able to grab this list from your pvr in any format? If not then I would suggest adding the channels the “normal” way meaning separate icons. This can be done scripted as wel.

    • Niels de Klerk 

      Are you able to grab this list from your PVR in any format?

      Ans:-  I am not using PVR service, instead of that I just want to control my Satelight Box on IR and wanted to give channel icon list with the channel number.

      If not then I would suggest adding the channels the “normal” way meaning separate icons. This can be done scripted as wel.

      Please provide any kind of reference if possible with NEEO-SDK, and if not available please shear the details to do in the scripted flow. 

    • Nitin Agrawal I have recently used this script to restore my TV channels.


      const channels = [{"channel": {"name": "NPO1","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "1"},
      {"channel": {"name": "NPO2","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "2"},
      {"channel": {"name": "NPO3","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "3"},
      {"channel": {"name": "RTL 4","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "4"},
      {"channel": {"name": "RTL 5","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "5"},
      {"channel": {"name": "SBS 6","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "6"},
      {"channel": {"name": "RTL 7","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "7"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Veronica","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "8"},
      {"channel": {"name": "NET 5","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "9"},
      {"channel": {"name": "RTL 8","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "10"},
      {"channel": {"name": "FOX","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "11"},
      {"channel": {"name": "RTL Z","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "12"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Disney XD","language": "de","country": "DE","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "301"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Disney Junior","language": "de","country": "DE","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "302"},
      {"channel": {"name": "PebbleTV","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "305"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Nicktoons","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "303"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Nick Music","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "304"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Nick Jr.","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "306"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Cartoon Network","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "307"},
      {"channel": {"name": "JimJam","language": "de","country": "DE","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "308"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Boomerang","language": "en","country": "GB","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "309"},
      {"channel": {"name": "NPO Zapp Xtra","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "311"},
      {"channel": {"name": "RTL Telekids","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "312"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Ziggo Sport","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "14"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Ziggo","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "13"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Ziggo Sport Select","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "401"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Comedy Central","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "15"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Discovery Channel","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "17"},
      {"channel": {"name": "National Geographic","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "18"},
      {"channel": {"name": "SBS 9","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "19"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Eurosport","language": "en","country": "GB","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "20"},
      {"channel": {"name": "TLC","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "21"},
      {"channel": {"name": "BBC One","language": "en","country": "GB","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "22"},
      {"channel": {"name": "MTV","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "23"},
      {"channel": {"name": "24 Kitchen","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "24"},
      {"channel": {"name": "XITE","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "25"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Viceland","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "26"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Disney Channel","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "27"},
      {"channel": {"name": "History Channel","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "28"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Nickelodeon","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "29"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Ziggo","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "30"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Ziggo","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "36"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Een","language": "nl","country": "BE","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "51"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Canvas","language": "nl","country": "BE","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "52"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Ketnet","language": "nl","country": "BE","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "53"},
      {"channel": {"name": "ARD Digital","language": "de","country": "DE","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "54"},
      {"channel": {"name": "ZDF","language": "de","country": "DE","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "55"},
      {"channel": {"name": "WDR","language": "de","country": "DE","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "56"},
      {"channel": {"name": "NDR","language": "de","country": "DE","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "57"},
      {"channel": {"name": "RTL","language": "de","country": "DE","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "58"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Sat.1","language": "de","country": "DE","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "59"},
      {"channel": {"name": "BBC One","language": "en","country": "GB","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "61"},
      {"channel": {"name": "BBC Two","language": "en","country": "GB","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "62"},
      {"channel": {"name": "TV5 Monde","language": "fr","country": "FR","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "71"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Arte","language": "fr","country": "FR","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "72"},
      {"channel": {"name": "TVE Internacional","language": "es","country": "ES","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "73"},
      {"channel": {"name": "NPO Nieuws","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "501"},
      {"channel": {"name": "NPO Politiek","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "502"},
      {"channel": {"name": "CNN","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "503"},
      {"channel": {"name": "BBC World News","language": "en","country": "GB","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "504"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Euronews","language": "en","country": "FR","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "505"},
      {"channel": {"name": "RTV Utrecht","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "708"},
      {"channel": {"name": "RTV Rijnmond","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "710"},
      {"channel": {"name": "CBBC","language": "en","country": "GB","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "63"},
      {"channel": {"name": "BBC Four","language": "en","country": "GB","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "64"},
      {"channel": {"name": "BBC Entertainment","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "65"},
      {"channel": {"name": "RTL Crime","language": "de","country": "DE","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "120"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Comedy Central Extra","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "124"},
      {"channel": {"name": "ShortsHD","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "125"},
      {"channel": {"name": "NPO 101","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "128"},
      {"channel": {"name": "AMC","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "131"},
      {"channel": {"name": "CBS Reality","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "132"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Fashion TV","language": "en","country": "FR","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "133"},
      {"channel": {"name": "MyZenTV","language": "hu","country": "HU","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "134"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Food Network","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "138"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Fine Living Network","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "139"},
      {"channel": {"name": "RTL Lounge","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "140"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Discovery Science","language": "en","country": "GB","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "202"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Discovery World","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "203"},
      {"channel": {"name": "National Geographic Wild","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "204"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Animal Planet","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "208"},
      {"channel": {"name": "Travel Channel","language": "en","country": "US","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "210"},
      {"channel": {"name": "NPO Cultura","language": "nl","country": "NL","logoUrl": ""},"channelNr": "222"}];
      var http = require('http.min');
      let i = 0;
      function addchannel(){
        let chan = i''+chan+'?limit=-1', channels[i]).then(function (result) {
          console.log('Code: ' + result.response.statusCode)
          console.log('Response: ' +
        if (i < channels.length){
          setTimeout(function() {
            i = i+1;
          }, 1000);
    • Niels de Klerk 

      You always have some great macros to run!  What's great about this macro is you can use it to pull in external thumbnails as well if NEEO doesn't have one for your favorites.  


      Is there any 'official' way to upload favorite thumbnail images (like I know you don't many of the local stations around me in the database)?

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    • Niels de Klerk 

      Yep - I've used that page.  I was wondering if there was an 'official' way to request an image to be uploaded into the database however (actually - it would be great if they had a page that could manage images the wealth of images/icons they offer [ie request/approve uploads and to get a list of everything available])

    • Tim Roberts The official method is to request inclusion of the channel logo's that you are missing here on Planet NEEO. the driver team will then check if logo's can be found but you can also supply them. I believe that most of the time Andy handle's the logo's.

      I have included some logo's manually as i could only find low ress crappy looking versions so no point in sharing those. Way before the NEEO was shiped i made all dutch channel logo's and supplied then to NEEO. Most dutch channels originated from me :-D

    • Niels de Klerk 

      Thanks, Niels de Klerk your suggested solution really helps a lot,  now we can add channels easily.

  • Tim Roberts said:
    You always have some great macros to run!

     I bought a new TV and thought I'm not going to add them manually again. so I made a backup of all the channels. and made this script. also a great way when you have multiple TV's in your house.

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