A Bluetooth NVidia Shield driver is HERE

Few weeks ago i posted this sneak peak...


Since I just couldn't stand the fact that Shield Bluetooth support was promised, but never delivered. So I started a long... long... quest online and spend no less then 200 hours researching over the past few weeks, learning a lot about Bluetooth GATT profiles, services, characteristics etc. etc.

I tried implementing the driver in pure Javascript, but unfortunately it was not suitable due to pairing issues. I didn't stop there, and I can now say you that i have a working Bluetooth connection from my Raspberry Pi to my NVidia Shield TV.

In the end i managed to make it work; and the driver is now on GitHub!


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  • Getting somewhere...


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    • Gilles van den Hoven OMG that is another level!

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    • Gilles van den Hoven Please oh please support key input as well. Especially function keys(F1 etc.), they are life saver for one-button application bindings. Best of luck for project!

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    • Canberk Demiroluk actually the BLE peripheral i am making just FWDs the key combo you send from the driver. So you can always extend the driver yourself (it will be open source) to implement this. So by default there will be support for this, you just have to add it :)

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  • Gilles van den Hoven this is amazing news!  Thank you so much for continuing this effort!

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  • Update, check a video i posted on Twitter :)


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  • Ok, first video was the peripheral working; now to see some actual integration of the remote and the shield (over Bluetooth):


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  • Christian Kalemkiewicz Canberk Demiroluk Jacob Wiqvist Jeff Bernard Cooper Markus Marbach Emmanuel Serebe Pepijn Chad L. Quint Stoffers Julien Luca Weil Niels de Klerk Daniel Jordi

    The driver is now on Github https://github.com/Webunity/neeo-driver-nvidia-shield

    Twitter link: https://twitter.com/GillesvdHoven/status/1118395927578988544

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  • Do you think there's any chance this driver can be mangled to support Amazon Fire?

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  • Darren Greenberg Personally, I consider a Logitech hub to be the easiest way to realize this because the NEEO Brain itself cannot use Bluetooth because of discontinued development. The Logitech hub can be paired easily as a normal remote with the Amazon Fire TV via Bluetooth. The only thing you have to do then is to send the commands from NEEO via forward actions to a system that passes the command to the Logitech Hub. You can do this, for example, with a Raspberry with a PHP server or a home automation software that forwards the command from NEEO and passes it to the Logitech Hub. I myself use Symcon and IPSymconNEEO with IPSymconHarmony to remotely control a Fire TV in another room via a Logitech Hub via Bluetooth with an NEEO Remote.

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