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I get that this is likely to be quite a top line simple question! I have a Control4 system and am just about to upgrade to OS3. I have bought a new Neeo and brain but not from C4. It is model number 6336. Will this device work with my C4 system?

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  • The old NEEO definitely does not work with OS3 and there is no upgrade path as it was announced in the past by Control4. Therefore, the new NEEO from Control4 has to be acquired again. The new NEEO does not need the NEEO brain but communicates directly with Control4 hardware and has otherwise been modified by the hardware as well. The old NEEO in combination with OS3 is simply expensive electronic garbage.

  • No problem...just drop $600 for a new remote!!!! This SUCKS!!! you should get a new remote for what you paid for the original....customer gets screwed in this situation!!!

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      • 3 yrs ago
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      Nupe1911 if there was at least one trade-up program, such as at Sonos, that would be a concession to existing customers, but so you get the impression that to control4 the existing customers simply do not care. If you want to use this, you can pay again the full price to Control4 for a new acquisition.

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