NEEO Brain Stopped working

My Neeo Brain just stopped working. This thing has been solid for months and spontaneously stopped working. Brain white light just flashes, Neeo remote can't find brain and has an error code that states oh no something went wrong remote screen. Message at bottom of remote says NEEO Brain IP unreachable.

My IOS app will not connect either. 

So I have tried the following:

Reboot the brain-just goes to flashing white light for hours. Not responsive.

Reboot the brain while connected with cable to the freshly power off for 1 minute and rebooted router and WIFI- flashing leads to white flashing light. Not responsive. Not findable on the network.

Still cannot find brain on network with APP except if I Reset the brain by pushing top button while plugging it in. Get flashing red and Viola I can at least find the brain but get force into NEEO Brain Rescue System.

Follow the instructions:

Check available firmware. Then download firmware. Then install firmware and get updates until it states "updating root partition" gets stuck on that. Then the flashing red LED on the brain goes out and everything is dead again.  I have waited hours to no avail. I have retried to whole process including reset router and wifi

I must admit I do not enjoy screwing around with this stuff, and my patience is wearing thin.

I have search this forum to no avail. Help someone.

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  • Hi, JPII. Thank you very much for reporting this. I'm very sorry to hear about your experience! Do you know which firmware was running on your NEEO Brain before this happened? Is the NEEO LED flashing white again, after you have tried all these steps again? When your NEEO Brain is plugged in, are you able to find your NEEO Brain with Bonjour Browser (e.g. Discovery)? Could you please reach out to our support line: 1-844-669-6336 (Monday to Friday 9 am - 5 pm PST) or send an e-mail to If you prefer reaching out via email, please add the link from this topic. I'm confident that we will find a solution. 

    I will also tag our Head of Customer Experience Jeff that he is aware of this. 

    (general information) Please be aware that the NEEO Brain Rescue Mode is not recommended if not explicitly told by NEEO support members!

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  • Hi  JPII Hope all is well. I wanted to follow up with you and ask if you were able to get in touch with our support team and if we have been able to resolve the issue. 


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