Painfully slow interface.

Raphael Patrick Jeff Since the last update. The brain responsiveness is painful at times. Along with  remote communication issues.  I just also bought a second brain and remote (I’m either dumb or really hopeful you guys will get this all figured out soon)  for another room and same issues. I hope this is getting addressed with the next release that is also been painfully slow to arrive? 

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  • Hi  Matt B Thank you for letting us know about this. When you say the Brain responsiveness is painful at times, can you please elaborate a bit more on what this means exactly? For example, when you're using the cable recipe, does the guide not come up immediately? Do you have to press a specific button multiple times? Things like that. I look forward to your response!

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  • Using the iPhone app to manage. The screens are painfully slow. Sometimes not loading at all. Making changes to recipes etc and then waiting for remote updates. Changing brains. Waiting for it to load and display all content properly. 


    Also IR commands that are partial. Like it will miss a middle number if a 3 digit channel.  Sometimes when turning off via a recipe the action after pushing the button is very lengthy.   Toggling inputs on JBL Soundbar is pointless. Takes forever. 

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      • Jeff@NEEO
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      • Jeff
      • 2 mths ago
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      Matt B Have you removed the plastic cover from the top of the NEEO Brain? Can you post a picture of your brains location compared to these devices? When devices are not in a line of sight, it can either not work at all or there will be a lag with IR commands.

      I suggest rebooting your router too, this sometimes helps with these delays (changing brains etc).


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  • Rebooting the router puts the risk of having remotes that don’t function and have to reconnect and that’s a painful process as well.  I’ve had a NEEO since it first shipped. It’s not a brain location issue. I’ve been though all the “tricks”

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    • Matt B Di you already add dedicated IP Addresses to the Brains and Remotes?

      If not, i would give this a try, this helps a lot when it comes to re connection speed of WiFi for the remote. To make sure to set everything up you need to have 2 IPs for each Brain (1 WiFi and 1 Cable) and 1 IP for each remote.

      To find the MAC Addresses of the Brain you can simply check the about menu in the APP, Remote is currently not displayed there, therefor i suggest a) a look inside your router and the connected (or previously connected) devices or b) using a Network scanner (e.g. LANscan for MACos) and keep the remote active during scan.

      Then setup the three IP Addresses so the devices will always get the same Addres, so the remote and the App doesn't need to search (wait for a Brain Broadcast) each time and also can keep the "previously" connected IP in the cache and use it to reconnect.

      Another Help can be to Press the top of the Brain for a second and let the remote reconnect via NEEO Link (6lowPAN switch) to have a better channel used that has lower Noiselevels.

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