Remote connecting over Link when it's disabled

I have two brains and two remotes.  I want them to operate independently as  I need discrete IR output to multiple of the same device (for different rooms).    Unfortunately it seems that the new remote of the second new brain I installed has decided to connect in two paths at the same time.  Neeo Link and Wifi.   So now I have a remote connected to two brains at once that I didn't ask for or try to configure.  So my basement remote is operating my living room brain and I don't want it to.   How do I fix this?????  I've already reset the remote to factory and re-paired it with the correct brain, but it still connects via Link to the other brain (link turned off).   

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  • Matt B Can you Provide the Hostnames of both Brains?

    I also operate two remotes and two different Brains, but never had an issue with your describtion. The Remote normaly choose the same Brain to communicate with that it is paired to. The NEEO Link OFF only switching off the Main route through it. The Link itself stays on to provide Updates to the remote, but it is never used to transport your Actions over itself.

    I will pull in Jeff and Ingrid to provide you some help.

    Short question: what does the remote from the other room do, if you pull out one Brain, redo remote config with only one powered brain and then power up the other (allready fully connected and setuped brain)? Does the remote reswitch again?

      • Matt B
      • Matt_B
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Markus Mahr  The "living room" remote operates the "living room" brain.  The "basement room" remote operates both brains. 


      Can I change the brain host name?   I can't find anywhere to do so.  They have different names.  One says welcome to neeo, the other says neeo living room.  No idea how or why they got there. 

    • Matt B I don't think that rename is doable without any big trick, i once also know what causes the name of the brain, i think it is the first room you setup the second brain in one network, but i'm not sure about that. sorry.

      But i would check if the remote can operate the basement Brain if the Living room is out of power.

  • I'm not sure I understand that last sentence.  

    • Matt B I would suggest to remove the Power from the Living room Brain, then redo the remote pairring to the Basement brain and wait until the config is loaded and everything is working. Then Power Up the Living room Brain and check if both Remotes are independent.

      If so the fault is "gone", if not, there seems to be a bit like a sharing that should not happen until a Multiroom Feature is possible.

      Did you build separate rooms on each Brain with the Same Hardwares for Basement and Living, or did you only setup The Units dedicated to the Brain located in the Room?

  • I found the issue.  I have a IR extender in the "basement" room for the HDMI over cat5 to the directv box in the equipment hub that was bleeding IR to the Apple TV for the upstairs room

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