Is addSwitch example bogus ?

I believe that example for AddSwitch in  

is bogus and should be:

.addSwitch( { name: 'example-switch', label: 'my switch' },
            { setter: (deviceid,newValue) => switchState = newValue,
              getter: (deviceid) => switchState ) } )

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  • Marc Martin

    Yes it should - the proper place to report SDK related things is by filing an issue on github ( ). For this specific issue, I'm pretty sure I already filed the same issue and they have fixed it (in addition to alot more) in the next version..

  • Tim Roberts At least this will give a hint to the next guy, so he doesn't waste hours trying to find out why his perfectly correct piece code doesn't work. Feel free to delete this topic once the fix is released.

  • Yes, the doc will be updated with the upcoming 0.52 release. Thanks for reporting it though!

  • Michael Kohler , when can we expect that 0.52 release? It’s awefully quiet among the Neeo staff who should be engaging with the community in this forum . Come on, give us something. Anything really at this stage. 

    • Markus Marbach the NEEO guys are always careful when it comes to “when will” questions. The best answer you could get is soon™️. I to like to know when it’s going to happen. Typically when there’s a longer time between two versions means there are some bigger changes upcoming and often cool features. Raphael has hinted on some Upcoming stuff on the NEEO pro blog post, that could be part of it. The GitHub SDK Next branch and also the comments on github issues and feature requests sometimes gives some indicator of the what an when.

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