Xfinity DVR XG1V4-A not working

I believe the Xfinity DVR I have is a RF device and uses RF remote. The model number is XG1V4-A

And I am not able to make this work with the Neeo Remote. 

Has anyone been able to make this work? Any tips. The Xfinity cable service is one of the most watched and used device in our console.

It's frustrating that each time I have to run to get the stock remote when changing channels or turning on the device. 

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  • Jamie Dimon It seems the Box uses Bluetooth as default with the original Remote, but has also an IR Receiver. Here you can found the location can you check if the control works if the small neeo IR Pug is placed right infront of it? Is the device listet in NEEO?

    If it is not listed and therefor no control is possible, Andy or Fäbu can for sure check for the correct codes and Implement this device. He will come back to you shortly. He also can change the Codes if the currently used ones are not working.

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  • Jamie Dimon

    Many thanks for bringing this to our attention!

    Your device also supports IR. Please check a couple of things:

    - Please check if there is any option to set it the Xfintiy device to IR. Most set top boxes cannot listen to IR and BT at the same time. As long as the original remote is paired it may not execute IR signals.
    - Make sure the brain is perfectly in line of sight with the device's IR receiver (usually located on the front).


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  • Hi, Jamie Dimon. I'd quickly like to follow up and check if that works for you now. 

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