Humax HDR Fox T2 second box IR control

I have 2 Humax HDR Fox T2s in the same room. Humax provides an alternative IR option in it's remotes/boxes so that a second box and remote can work on a different IR codeset to the first.


From work I have done on my existing JP1 universal remote I know the following:

In that system the Protocol is NEC1 & Protocol ID is 005A for both boxes

For my Box 1 (which works fine with Neeo's device coding for this unit) 

Protocol Params are Dev 0 Subdevice 16

For my Box 2 

Protocol Params are Dev 250 Subdevice 16

Is there a way I can edit the coding for the second box to achieve this or do I need support to do this for me?



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  • I have found some more information on this. Humax apparently use a code modifier for their different IR modes. There are 6 modes available. I presume Mode 1 is the standard one which Neeo already has, as my Humax box in Mode 1 works fine.


    Mode 1, 0x1000
    Mode 2, 0x10fa
    Mode 3, 0x10fb
    Mode 4, 0x10fc
    Mode 5, 0x10fd
    Mode 6, 0x10fe
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    • Geoff T This is a Topic for Andy and / or Fäbu as they are both reliable for the device Database. Maybe they are able to create the alternate IR-Code Set as a new Device. One of them will fore sure come back shortly and provide a feedback.

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      • Andy
      • Andy
      • 5 mths ago
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      Geoff T 

      We have created a couple of codes that should be the 2nd IR address. Please test it and let me know if it works. If yes, we'll add it ASAP. Let me know! Thanks!

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      • Geoff T
      • Geoff_T
      • 5 mths ago
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      Andy Thanks for that. Unfortunately my Neeo is packed back in it's box awaiting the return label. See my post in the General forum for the reasons.


      This is another example of a Neeo fundamental problem though as without IR learning we are totally dependant on you in the support team adding code. With IR learning I could have had it working on Day 1. 

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